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Artist Spotlight: Eluusif Releases "Aliens Do It Better" EP

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Eluusif is a dubstep/electronic music producer that hails from the UK- London to be exact. His productions are known from drawing influence from multiple EDM genres. He is also not limited to just music- Eluusif is a true multimedia artist- incorporating videos and animation into his artistry.

He has just released a new seven track EP called "Aliens Do It Better". The first track is "Hair Like Skrillex", which is a vibey, harmonic dubstep track that is heavy on the vocals. The vibe continues into "Justin Bieber Is An Android", which sees a bit more bass and a little sprinkle of the electro grinder sound. "No, I Don't Want To Be Your Facebook" is electro/step/noise all the way, reminiscent of a Knife Party vibe.

The EP changes up the pace on "You Should Be Mine" and "I Need An Alien Tonight" going for a bit more of an electro house motif on both the tracks. The Craniel Daig remix of "You Should Be Mine" adds a disco tinge and closes out the EP.

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Eluusif's music has been creating quite the buzz on the internet lately, especially back with his mysterious persona.  To get an idea  of his audio visual ability, check out the video for "You Should Be Mine" below.  His EP is available for download from the Soundcloud stream above.

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