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Ask Rhonda: How To Spice Things Up In The Club Or The Bedroom

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A Club Called Rhonda, is one monthly soiree savvy Angelenos know not to miss. The queen of polysexual hard partying has long fulfilled your deepest, darkest desires with her other worldly affairs that attract sexy socialites and music maestros from around the globe.

Now, every month, she shares her infinite sexpertise and satisfies your craving for the ultimate self-expression in her typically bold fashion with “Ask Rhonda”. Have a burning question? Let it out!

Ask Rhonda: The Biggest Dipper

Ask Rhonda: Cromie’s disco-heavy set was the perfect foreplay to a massive appearance from Todd Edwards. Do you have any tips to warm-up for the main event?

Before any Rhonda event I suggest preparing yourself with a pre-game ritual. Mine personally includes a liquid lunch, a lot of stretching, an hour long bubble bath, and an ample lubrication of my entire body! After that I have my glam squad come and do my hair big, my nails long, and my makeup severe, so that I look the perfect part to host my bevy of bombastic guest DJs and beautiful attendees.


Ask Rhonda: The Biggest Dipper

Ask Rhonda: Lovefingers made full body contact with his heated, tribal beats. What’s your technique for pressing those pleasure buttons?

I like to switch things up when I push them buttons. A new nail shape always adds a bit of excitement, while introducing an extra hand (or four) can really turn up the heat. Lovefingers is great at knowing just when to take things slow or push it harder, which is why I love him and those magic digits of his.


Ask Rhonda: The Biggest Dipper
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Ask Rhonda: Psychemagik unexpectedly sampled a favorite track of ours, The Drums by Richy Ahmed, Kevin Knapp (Hot Creations). Those thick, jacking grooves really got us going. How do you keep things exciting in the club or the bedroom?

My club and my bedroom are not unalike, both have numerous men and women coming in, losing their minds, inhibitions, and clothing; and wanting to stay in absolute ecstasy forever.

Sadly, I cannot accommodate space for all of my possible suitors, nor can I always accommodate space for all my club attendees, so I like to mix it up by exploring different venues. For example, I revamped my summer siren DIVA FROM THE DEEP at The Hollywood Standard for a 14 hour, no-holds-barred bacchanal, which is sure to shoot a little excitement into a few sun drenched bodies.


Ask Rhonda: The Biggest Dipper

Ask Rhonda: The Visa issues that resulted in Late Nite Tuff Guy falling off the bill left a massive black hole in your heart. What advice do you have for bouncing back from heartbreak?

Honey, there’s always another man right around the corner. Although I was so sad to have lost Late Nite Tuff Guy this time around, I quickly called up an old flame to come over and make mama feel all better.

Luckily, Todd Edwards picked up the phone and oh boy, can I tell you that he came into the house of Rhonda and knocked it out of the park. I don’t think anybody even remembered that they were missing Late Nite Tuff Guy -- they could hardly remember where they were during that very special set of his.



Ask Rhonda: We heard legendary house producer, Todd Edwards, give Daft Punk’s “Around the World” a sick spin, but it was his collaboration with them on the reflective “Fragments of Time” that led to his first two Grammy’s. Often the best moments are fleeting, what are your secrets for creating lasting memories?

Memory is not always my strong suit. I’ve more been known to erase them, but I think that certain extra-sensory experiences always trigger the best, most vivid memories. Like the song that was playing the first time you kissed a new lover, or the taste of your favorite drink, or the smell of sweat in the wee hours of a late night with moi …

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