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BREAKING: Toronto's EDM Ban Fails 31-4

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BREAKING: Toronto's EDM Ban Fails 31-4


Exhibition Place in Toronto

Toronto's EDM ban has failed.  Today, their equivalent to a city council voted 31-4 to overturn a ban of all ages electronic dance music events at Exhibition Place, which is a series of city owned venues in Toronto. The Exhibition Place Board of Governors voted 4-3 to instil the ban last month, citing underage drug use as the reason for the action.

Today, Toronto Councillor Gord Perks, one of the 31 councillors against the the ban, accused supporters of creating a ”deliberately manufactured moral panic” in what was really a “business competitive issue.”

Perks went on to say "all the evidence I have seen says that holding (EDM events) at Exhibition Place is safer”.

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When the ban was first instated by the Board of Governors, many cited controversial Mayor Rob Ford's friendly relationship with a nightclub, Muzik, as the reason for the ban.  Muzik's direct competition would be events that occur at Exhibition Place.

At the time of the ban, one of the naysayers, council member Mike Layton, said “They’ve used this very emotional argument to improve the financial position of one particular bar owner and one that so happens to be the bar of choice of the mayor”.

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, one of the bans supporters, protested the bans reversal today by skipping the vote. Yesterday he walked out of the council meeting after information from a private ambulance company was to allowed to be introduced.

“I’m not going to come back" Mammoliti stated. “Someone needs to take a stand on this kangaroo court and it is going to be me."

EDM events were first held at Exhibition Place as harm reduction measure aimed to move them from warehouses to more supervised, controlled environments.

Source: Toronto Sun

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