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DJ Rashad Died From Blood Clot, Not Drug Overdose


DJ Rashad Died From Blood Clot, Not Drug Overdose

Last week, Chicago Footwork DJ Rashad Harden was found dead in his apartment at age 34.  Initial reports stated that drug paraphernalia was found near his body.  Because of this many attributed his death to a drug overdose.

However, today the UK Guardian is reporting that Harden died from a blood clot in his leg, not from narcotics.  The paraphernalia found was related only to marijuana use, not hard drugs.  Harden's cousin informed his main record label Hyperdub of the news yesterday.

Harden had been complaining from a pain in his leg earlier, but because of his age, no one considered it to be life threatening.

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On Monday, Rashad's new EP "We On 1" EP was released. Rashad's 2013 album Double Cup received substantial praise in the mainstream and EDM press. Rolling Stone named it one of the top 20 dance albums of the year, and the UK Guardian placed it in it's top 30 albums overall.

News first broke from Detroit DJ Godfather, who tweeted:

Upon news of his death, several DJs and record labels gave tribute to Rashad, releasing an outpouring of mixes. Most notably Kode9, Hyperdub's founder, along with Ikonika, Addison Groove and Oneman played a live Boiler Room Set this past Tuesday.

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You can listen to DJ Rashad's latest EP "We On 1" below:

Source: UK Guardian

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