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Don’t worry, this isn’t some corny anti-drug message brought to you by some religious right organization. We’ve decided to put this out there because we’re concerned about some of the recent deaths and hospitalizations at EDM shows due to drugs and alcohol. These are few things to think about for people that want to go to out and have fun, but don’t want to drink or do drugs. Maybe just for the night, week, month, or maybe forever.

We get it; people are going to party - whether at home, out with friends, at a baseball game, at a rock concert, or at an EDM show. As long as you are aware of and understand the risks/consequences, we consider it to be a personal decision for adults to make. No judgment here. Just remember two paramount words- education and moderation. They will save your life.

MAGNETIC RECOMMENDS: It's Time To Talk About Drugs

People drink and do drugs to feel good. And who doesn’t want to feel good? We all do. The desire for pleasure is a very powerful force. How can you really argue against it, especially when it’s only a shot, a hit, or a pill away? It’s a tough one.

Peer pressure and our “Id” (see: Freud) may be telling us “Hell yeah!”, But our common sense side and “super ego” (again, Freud) are telling us no. It’s the constant-angel and devil on our shoulders.

As adults, we need to weigh the consequences of these decisions. You have to think “If I drink, how will I get home? I can’t drive after.” For those into the harder stuff, you might have to think about a more serious issue - will that pill your about to swallow kill you? More and more so nowadays, the answer to that question is a crapshoot - just like getting into a car with a drunk driver.

You might have a friend that’s overdoing it, or maybe you’re trying to turn a new leaf and need to remind yourself why drugs can suck. That’s where this list comes in - just as a reminder of how drinking and doing drugs isn’t as cool as it seems to be at first thought.

Maybe just one of these is enough to inspiration to stay sober for a night, or maybe you recite all 11 every day as part of a process to stay straight edge full time. Up to you. Here are 11 reasons why drinking & drugs suck (there's a ton more):

1. You do fucked up shit on drugs

When you’re high or drunk, you don’t have the same boundaries and self-control that you would when you’re sober. Playing grab ass with your friend’s girl while he’s checking out David Guetta's set might sound like a great idea at the time, but we can almost guarantee it won’t be tomorrow and sexual assault is illegal. PS: drugs are the reason your friend thinks Guetta’s set is a good idea in the first place. 

2. They Are Illegal

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Like it or not, drugs are illegal (yes, alcohol isn’t, but being drunk in public is - go figure). Getting busted with them will get you thrown out of the festival if you’re lucky. You’ll get arrested if you're not so lucky. Depending on how much you’re caught with and what you were doing at the time, you could get charged with "possession with intent to sale"- not exactly a resume builder. This adds a whole other level to “life changing festival experience.”

3. Musical Festivals are now police states

Who wants to get high and drunk around a bunch of cops and narcs? Buzz kill big time.

4. You don’t know what you're taking

Especially if you’re buying drugs from strangers. Recent law enforcement crackdowns have made precursor compounds harder to come by for illicit drug manufacturers - bottom line, unadulterated substances are hard to find - no matter what your dealer says. Think about what you’re taking and then ask yourself, would “smoking bath salts” or “rolling on methylene for the first time!” make good status updates on Facebook? Probably not.

5. You Forget Shit

You just spent the equivalent of a luxury car payment to see all of your favorite DJs- you probably want to remember a set or two. You also would probably like to remember other things like where you left your $800 iPhone, why you had sex in a porta-potty (also with whom), and where your hotel room is. And if you weren’t drunk or on drugs do you think any of these would be a problem in the first place? Exactly.

6. Drugs are selfish

Those that are high are in their own world, not really giving a fuck. Ever try to talk to an a-hole in a k-hole? It’s no fun. Don’t believe us? Listen to the first half hour of the Hot Natured Essential Mix and you’ll see what we mean. Generally speaking, when you’re fucked up you become more concerned about your own trip then you are about those around you. Unless you’re trying to get laid or one of those weird gloving motherfuckers…

7. Drugs are expensive

You’ve already dropped a few hundred dollars on a ticket. Do you really want to spend another couple hundred or so on booze or whatever else? Plus, there are never enough bartenders - did you spend all that coin to wait in line, bro? And if you’re trying to score drugs at a festival or club, you’re going to pay a grip more to do what we talked about on number 4 above. No thanks.

8. You make bad decisions when you’re wasted

How many times have you woken up after a night of partying and thought – “I’m really proud of the decisions I made after I bought that bag of coke”? Think about it, most of your biggest regrets were probably on nights when you were fucked up. From D.U.I.’s to S.T.D.S- they all mean you’re S.O.L…, And that’s not very P.L.U.R.

9. Drugs Affect You In Ways you don’t realize

You may think you can just sleep it off and be fine when you wake up, but you're really not. Your brain chemicals are out of balance, your liver is maxed out, you’re dehydrated, etc. All of these factors change your physical and mental processes. Whatever you’re using, it takes a few days to recover and get back to normal. And the negative effects are cumulative, building up along with your tolerance levels. And that comedown - ever see how cranky stoners get when they haven’t smoked? Well, that's you coming off of anything.

10. The Hangover

Speaking of comedowns, let’s talk about those hangovers. I don’t know about you, but I feel just magical waking up at three in the afternoon after a late night. I get up and get shit done! I may only have three hours of daylight left to hit the gym, catch up on work (because I called out sick), and run errands, but I’m going to handle! Yeah right. I’m probably just going to order a pizza and watch To Catch a Predator re-runs until I go back to bed. At least homeboys’ lives on that show make me feel better about mine at the moment.

11. Serious Shit- People Are Dying

The tragedy is the culture of excess, so often promoted in our society, can glamorize substance abuse. Sometimes, it really feels like we are being encouraged to be fucked up all the time. A lot of people can see through the bullshit and control themselves - kudos to them. Others have not been so fortunate, seeing drinking and drug use lead to their death. Let’s work together to encourage one another to make better decisions as responsible members of the EDM community.

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