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Dr. Dre Allegedly Describes Burning Man In A Handwritten Letter From 1995

Dr. Dre talks about trying to find locations to shoot the video for Tupac "California Love." However, the letter isn't real.
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Dr. Dre Describes Burning Man In A Handwritten Letter From 1995

UPDATE: The Daily Beast reached out to Dre's camp and they confirmed he did not write this letter and at the time didn't know what Burning Man was. Considering his involvement with tech, it would seem that didn't last for long.

Fu-King awesome right here...  We can't confirm the authenticity of this at this time, but we just came across this photo from Bullett.  They believe it to be a handwritten letter from Dr. Dre to a girlfriend, only penned as "Nicole," in 1995.

It looks like when this was written, Dr. Dre was scouting locations with Hype Williams for 2pac's "California Love" video. In the letter, Dre writes "We met a bunch of crazy, naked motherfuckers in the desert today, they were putting up some giant woodman. I guess they have a big party our here for a bunch of days."

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Being the business man that he is, Dre seemed shocked that the party was free, and wants to look into see there's anyway to monetize the festival. His exact words were "someone should get behind it and make some loot of [sic] these fools...".

Well Doctor, it looks like someone might of read your letter besides your girl Nicole, because 1995 was the first year Burning Man started charging admission.

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