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EDM Chart: Top Drum & Bass Of The Week

Oh, but if only every week were this week. Y'all ain't ready for this chart. Hell, neither was I. Big and small, this chart features producers every DnB head should be well aware of and some that have only 1 like on Facebook. But be assured, everything on this chart is certified 100% fresh. We're going far into the future of the scene with this chart.

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1. Posij, Lasercat
From Posij's new EP dropping May 19th. The cowbell is strong with this one as it thunders along. Unique beats and time signatures exemplify Posij's talent and the breakdown at the end is oh so tasty.

2. Moody Good, Hotplate feat. Knytro (Prolix Remix)
Remixing what is sure to be one of the hottest dubstep records of the year, Prolix puts his own spin on Moody Good. Pumping up the energy as only DnB can do, the distorted bass bounces along as the track is dragged through by the pounding drums.

3. Defekt & XIO, Dream World feat. Gemma Macleod (Rhythmics Remix)
The drop on this one went in a completely unexpected direction - I was really expecting some happy hardcore based on the rise, but instead it goes into some heavy bass drumstep and completely lets loose. Listening to this again, I totally get chills.

4. Fawks, Song Of Storms
It's been done before and will be done again and again, but I cannot deny that this version of the remarkable Legend of Zelda tune... how do the trap people say it... "goes hard in the motherfucking paint"?

5. Shaperboy, Wizard
Not to toot my own horn, but I am the first guy to like his Facebook page. Fresh as a newborn baby to the scene, Shaperboy doesn't waste any time getting into the game unleashing this grime-influenced drumstep beast. Strong vibes remind me of a better time... like 2010, or so.

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6. Klangkarussell, Falls Like Rain (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Nope. I checked. This is DnB. Camo & Krooked have effectively turned the genre on its head, doing away with the jungle/riddum drums but keeping that 170 BPM. This isn't any normal liquid that you've heard before.

7. Witching Hour, The Witching Hour
Another newcomer to the scene, Witching Hour introduces a little thrash metal into his production and the outcome is outstanding. DnB is often considered the heaviest of the genres, so it only follows that when doing some EDM fusion, why not metal? Download the whole EP here. It's so worth it.

8. Dr Meaker, Right Back feat. Sian Evans
Dr Meaker brings the classic vibes with this rolling track featuring Sian Evans (of DJ Fresh - Louder fame). The strong bassline and drum work make this an instant hit.

9. SYSTMS, Lazer Based
Yet another newcomer! Feels like a fresh save file of Super Smash Bros over here. If the drop on this one doesn't get you up, I might have lost all hope. That aside, the sound design is superb and the gnarly bassline hits hard. Download for free HERE.

10. Nero, Satisfy (Cuboid Remix)
The new Nero dropped this week and most certainly satisfied a great number of people looking forward to their new album. Cuboid took it upon himself to rework the techno banger into a more upbeat number and completely reworked the bassline to get this drumstep beast going. Get the download HERE.

BONUS: Johan Vilborg - One Moment
That's right, there's a bonus track this week because I just couldn't choose only 10 tracks. Johan Vilborg is a trance producer trying his hand at DnB, and I must say, he nails it while staying true to his trance roots. Download your free copy HERE in celebration of him reaching 5000 subscribers and 200,000 total plays.

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