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EDM Struggles: Art Department Gets Featured In Their Own Video

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By now, we've all seen the infamous Laidback Luke, Sander Van Doorn, and Steve Aoki video that shows them on stage premiering a new track during Winter Music Conference 2014. The video, taken completely out of context, pokes fun at modern EDM DJs. But it begs the question- are DJs just up there throwing up heart signs and doing the rodeo pose?

Techno DJ duo Art Department was the most outspoken on Facebook- issuing the following status update that commented on the state of the EDM scene:

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All three of these duchebags need to stop calling what they do "dj'ing" because its an insult to the rest of us who treat this profession with respect and spend our lives hunting for great music and perfecting our craft. We only recognize which one Steve Aoki is out of this lot but him and the other two jerkoffs who look like the knobs they're pretending to work can all lick their own vaginas. You're fucking embarrassing yourselves for a paycheque that coudn't possibly cover the cost of your dignity. How does that feel you fucking posers??"

Well it looks like someone got their vengeance, as Art Department now has a video of their own where they get mocked. Taking it in stride, they've already shared it on their page.

The video ends with "we all have our moments, can we drop the subject now and play some fucking music?".

We couldn't agree more.

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