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EDM Struggles: The Missed Connections Of EDC New York

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EDM Struggles: The Missed Connections Of EDC New York

Pat Benatar was wrong, bro. Love isn't a battlefield; it's a struggle. Finding the right person can be difficult, especially as an active member of EDM culture.  Case in point are the four extremely eligible bachelors below who posted missed connections personal ads on Craigslist, looking for lost love at Electric Daisy Carnival New York, which took place this past weekend.

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Our advice to these lonely souls - 'tis better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all.

Here are the missed connections of EDC New York 2014:

1. EDC-Met at hardwell-danced until the night ended - m4w - 25 (MetLife stadium)

We met in the last few hours or so of Hardwell's set during EDC Saturday. Danced until the show ended, we exchanged names and you were extremely cute. Talked about meeting up again and you took my number in your backup Blackberry lol. My phone was dead so you made sure I didn't give you a fake number , we kissed and you told me you were in Yonkers and I told you I was moving into Hoboken. I was in neon yellow nike shirt with a California hat, if your out there it'd be awesome to see you again. Hopefully you catch this.

2. Kaitlyn from EDC - m4w (EDC)

it rained on us, i was "so serious", and you were awesome.... just hoping we could keep in touch.

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3. EDC NY! - m4w

Whit teeshirt. Black baseball cap. I wanted to say hi but I was going too hard. Couldn't get the words outta my mouth right.
If u thought ya saw me too. Tell me what was on my shirt.

Write me here with pic. So regret not saying something.

4. Janetta, at Nero set - EDC NY Sunday May 25 - m4w - 26 (Stadium/Cosmic Meadow)

At Nero's set on Sunday EDC NY in the stadium, you walked out last, linked up with your short blonde friend and guy pal. I stopped you and asked for your name, you said Janetta but your friends kept walking so we couldn't chat. I also told your blonde friend to be careful because the dude on her left was going to elbow her if she got any closer.

We kept making eye contact while you were dancing. You had beautiful eyes and lovely dark hair. I was right behind you the whole time. Asian guy, black hair, gray tank top, bandanna on left hand, had a camelbak and very cute smile ;).

I'm sorry I didn't talk to you earlier. I just wanted your number so we can hang out.

Mysteryland BONUS:

We worked 2gether at Mysteryland show at Bethel woods on Sat - m4m - 30 (Bethel, NY)

This is a long shot but we worked a shift together at Mysteryland at bethel woods on Saturday. Your initials are CW and you're from upstate.

Moral of the story- if you're looking for love at an EDM show, remember the struggle out there is real. Really, really, real. But hey, we are young...

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