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EDM Struggles: Did Someone Just Get Caught Paying For Beatport Rankings?

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EDM Struggles: Did Someone Just Get Caught Paying For Beatport Rankings?

When it comes to getting a Beatport Top 10-  it's a struggle.  And we mean a 'real' struggle.  First, your track has to be good (subjective term, we know).  Next, you have get the support of other DJs who will cosign how good it is, and then, maybe it might start to push the needle.  After that you'll probably need a team of publicists getting the word out to blogs and other media outlets.  This is when you might start seeing some decent traction.  The thing is, all of this takes some time, unless you are an established name like deadmau5, Zedd, Skrillex, etc.

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Don't want to deal with that struggle? You can always start paying for Beatport rankings  via some sort of download farm (note: this is not a practice condoned or allowed on Beatport- it's outsiders working the system using unscrupulous methods).  However, you might have a bigger struggle own your hands if you get caught.

The EDM blog Dance Rebels first broke the news on this mysterious chart climber "Runaway" from Miami/Toronto DJ/Miss Universe Canada Candidate-  Miss Tara.

Her new track "Runaway" came  out on May 5th and by May 11th it was #2 on the Beatport Electro House Chart.  Miss Tara celebrated with the following post on Facebook:

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However, the celebration must have been pretty short lived, as "Runaway" took a  big dip in the past few days, dropping down all the way off the chart (maybe Beatport pulled it from the rankings?). Inexplicably, the other songs in the top three- TJR & Vinai's "Bounce Generation", Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's "Tremor", and Bassjackers & MAKJ's "Derp", have held pretty much the same positions since "Runaway" had it's massive climb and fall. Derp is right.

It looks like there was quite the twitter scandal going on as well. Even the Fake Producers Intelligence Agency (@TheFPIA) got involved, retweeting the following:

The moral of the story here?  Can you buy Beatport chart rankings? Prolly. Should you? No.  Why? Because the struggle is real out there folks.  Really, really real.

PS- Oh and DJ/Miss Universe Candidate Miss Tara, you might want to take down all those Facebook posts about your 'chart climb' to the top.

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