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Check Out The Promo Video for Kissy Sell Out's "The Promise"

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Check Out The Promo Video for Kisssy Sell Out's "The Promise"

Kissy Sell Out, famed DJ of the Kissy Klub on BBC Radio 1 kicks off his anticipated EP release with the official video for “The Promise”. The track will be available on May 19 on Carrillo Music. With vocals laid down by nu-house singer Holly Lois and a synthesized male vocal, this aims to be the top track from the EP. With “The Promise”, Kissy delivers an in-vogue 90’s style b-line house rhythm with a rolling groove, and heavy bass line complete with large riffs driving out the track.

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The next stop for the release is the launch party held at the iconic Camden Club with support from MC Cobra, Taiki & Nulight, I Killed Kenny, and Lemmy Ashton. Pre-order the EP on iTunes here. To see more about Kissy, take a look at his 2013 coverage when he launched Sessions with The Squatters.

To see more from Kissy via Vidiam, click here.

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