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Festie Fashion: The Laundry Room Vintage Style Denim Shorts

Festie Fashion: The Laundry Room Releases Denim Shorts Series

Festival season is here, which means it's also time for festie fashion tips! Ladies, it's no secret... Everyone knows that some of our biggest preparations for a festival is wardrobe planning. Whether you dress up, dress down, rock the phat pants or don't rock anything, fashion is a critical part of our experience. As the months slowly dwindle into a few short weeks leading up to our coveted festival adventures, we frequently find ourselves slammed with endless amounts of wasted time on Pinterest, trolling Tumblr profiles, re-upping our fashion tools at craft stores and spending countless hours mall-walking. Props to the women who hand make everything, our hats go off to you! For those of us who are not so DIY- there's still hope.


For the rest of us who are unable to channel our inner Martha Stewart, time is ticking and the fashion necessities are just not falling into place. Thankfully, the interweb comes to the rescue once again! The Laundry Room, known for their amazing denim designs have just launched a summer denim shorts series worthy of your attention! Perfect for any summer festival, these vintage designs feature spectacular patterns such as Tie-Dye, Cosmic Dawn, Palm Clouds, American Flag and Wacky Tobacky!

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The Laundry Room: Festie Fashion

About The Brand...
THE LAUNDRY ROOM: As a cultural hub of fashion, art, music, and life, the laundry room specializes in distinct and diverse apparel from both local California talent and premier designers. The Landry Room is a Fresno home-grown original, born equally of tradition and innovation. With their emphasis on casual luxury and a fashionable, knowledgeable staff- The Laundry Room offers an experience unlike any other: an experience tailored for you. Don’t just echo the trends. Create them.

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