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It's No Fun And All Struggle When A Girl Fight Ends With A Shovel

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Want more proof that the struggle is real out there? Check out this video of "Shovel Girl" (Miranda Lynn Fugate, 15, of Springfield, Ohio). It's been making the internet rounds as of late and screams to be watched. In short, two girls get in an argument over a bro and then they agree to fight- how civil. Regardless-  let's get ready to RUMBLE!

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There are actually some pretty hard punches to the dome piece, and a few muy thai kicks to the stomach. But one thing is for sure, it's all ratchet from this point forward.

Then one girl says "git your gun" and the other girl runs in to get what she claims is a BB gun. However, it's not a BB gun- it's a shovel. After that, it's quick "one, two, bap" as the shovel wrath is unfurled.  The words "Oh my God", which can be heard in the vid, sum it up best. Need to see all the details?  Search around- there's some great ones that go slow motion for you!

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Here's the short version that first surfaced on Vine:

If you have eight minutes to waste, and want to see how the struggle was birthed, you can check out the Shovel Girl full version below:     Despite the struggle and the tears, this story does have a happy ending, as Fugate is OK. She is not dead, contrary to other reports.  Rumor has it the police are investigating this, and plan on filing charges. Of course, some parody versions are popping up all over the internet. Check out this one that features Kendrick Lamar's "Madd City".

But remember, it's real out there folks - really, really, real.

PS- Can we make the shovel drop the "drop of the year?"

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