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A Genius Just Created A 'Rap T-Shirts For White People' Tumblr

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The amount of genius on tumblr is increasing at an exponential rate.  First, some dude created a Tumblr of girls on Tinder taking pictures at LACMA, which just screams basicness.  Now,  someone else created a page that showcases t-shirts that have rap lyrics for white people.   This is something the world desperately needed, being that the majority of hip hop consumers are white.

Fair warning - these shirts use some stereotypes- which sensitive people might find offensive.  But if you can go beyond the simplistic "this is reverse racism" BS and consider these to be a critique on the broader implications of socio-economic status, you might just find them funny.  Only if that last sentence wasn't a complete and total buzz kill.

We've selected our favorites, but you can see them all here.

Save the milkshake for the diner, ladies


What's upward mobility?


Earth Day > Green Day

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A Genius Just Created A Rap Shirts For White People Tumblr

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