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Headphone Review - LSTN Troubadour

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We recently received a pair of LSTN’s newer headphone model called the Troubadour to take out on a road test. We decided that the trip to Miami for Winter Music Conference/MMW would be the perfect testing ground. We spent a good solid week week these and here is the report:

If Looks Could Kill
We are fans of simple and clean design and the aesthetics of these headphones are just right on point. The Troubadour looks like a piece of designer furniture for your ears (made with repurposed wood) with an obvious reference/nod to an old school aviator design. It also comes in several different finishes: Zebra Wood (We got this one), Beech, Cherry and Ebony.

Giving Back
Giving what? Yes, it’s what they call a “give back” otherwise knowns as philanthropy or helping your fellow man. LSTN donates a portion of profits towards funding hearing restoration through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. So every pair that is sold is making the world just a little bit louder for those that unfortunately have issues with their hearing.

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The Troubadours are fairly well made and sturdy. They are constructed primarily of a chromed metal around the ear cup and brushed out aluminum for the headband. One minor detail is that the headband does not have much in the way of padding, but more on that in the comfort portion. The units are reasonably light and very easy to size to your head via sliding notched bands attached to the ear cups. The actual padding is covered with a faux leather which is what you would expect from a sub $200 headphone for the most part. This is not a big deal unless you are walking around in them too long, as the faux cow skin just does not breath and can cause your ears to get sweaty quickly and that’s not great.

Comfort and Fit
The headphones themselves are pretty comfortable all in all, despite the lack of padding on the headband. We wore them for extended periods of time on the plane and did not suffer much fatigue or over clamping on our heads/ears. Only slight gripe was that got a little hot after a while and we had to take them off to let our ears breath a bit. We would also consider them kind of an on-ear/over-ear hybrid as we don’t get full coverage like with a bigger ear cup, but it still give some coverage.

How do they Sound?
We listen primarily to electronic music (so weird right, who would have guessed) and the Troubadours do deliver a decent sound all in all, dance music is definitely not their forte. We also listened to more toned down chill out stuff as well as some folky rock and modern classical which the Troubadours handled just fine. Bro’s looking for the monster bass are going to be disappointed here, these are just geared for more mellow or traditional music.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced pair of headphones that have a great aesthetic and perform reasonably well with most genres of music, the Troubadour might be a good fit. The other big plus is that by supporting this brand your are working with a company that believes in truly giving back and has made it one of the primary reasons for being. If you seek big bass heavy headphones or super sharp headphones, these are not for you.

Buy the LSTN Troubadour's here.


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