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The "Imminent" Return of Plastikman

How did you start your career in the electronic music business? - I started an independent concert promotion company while I was finishing college at Indiana University. The first few tours we did were with Hip Hop artists such as Big Sean, Curren$y, Jeremih, Twista, etc. Then we did our first EDM tour with Steve Aoki and he offered me job to be a part of the live sector of his lifestyle brand / record label / event company Dim Mak in Los Angeles. That was three years ago. 2. What is the best part of the business? The community for sure. From the super agents down to the fans, generally speaking people seem a lot more accepting, open minded, fun and positive compared to other communities. DJ’s might get ragged on for being diva’s but compare them to pop artists or Hip Hop stars and they will seem tame. 3. What are the biggest challenges? I think the biggest challenge has to do with sound. Every 6 months all the genres evolve, standing out among the pack yet still delivering music old fans and new can enjoy is a daunting task. 4. What career advice would you recommend to someone just starting off? Hustle. Hustle real hard. Don’t look for a job in the music industry; entry-level jobs don’t really exist. Get yourself an internship at a small company, become a vital cog in their processes and leverage your way into a full time position. Nothing will be given to you and you will not get hired if you can be replaced for free. The margins aren’t as big as daddy’s insurance company, very few music companies can take on unnecessary salaries. Make yourself irreplaceable. 5. As the EDM industry continues to grow, what do you think the secrets to longevity in this business will be? The brand. We can’t deny that some of our favorite acts have put out songs we don’t like. But if you dig the brand of an act, not much is going to shake you from liking that act unless they truly embarrass themselves. Establish a brand that is unique but can still relate to the masses, and focus on q

Hey Richie Hawtin fans, we have some great news for you! No, it’ s not that he’s picked the perfect Sake for Ibiza Summer 2014, but the big man himself has gone on record while on tour in Asia with Timeout Shanghai that the long awaited, anticipated, desired, and demanded Plastikman album is “basically finished."

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The consummate artist and man of renowned refined taste has not given an exact release date, but the release is imminent and “imminent means a timeframe in my head… Everybody will find out about it on the day of release.” So, be ready, be prepared, it sounds like it will be instantly released in a variety of formats. Just think of it as the return of a superhero… We do not know exactly when, but he will return in our hour of greatest need…

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With only one Plastikman show slated for this year, Hawtin hopes to put greater focus on Plastikman in 2015. He is a busy man curating one of the most respected labels in techno (M_Nus) and setting the standard high in Ibiza with his Enter. Experience, but clearly he has not forgotten the rest of the world. Now that he's revving the well rested Plastikman man engine, we can hope he is gearing up for a world tour.

In December 2013 Hawtin performed as his Plastikman alias live at the Guggenheim museum in New York, and apparently it inspired him to finally finish the album after ten long years. Oh, and no big deal, apparently it only took him 5 days to create the new album… Check out the interview below with Richie where he dished on his thoughts on art and broke the news that we were getting new Plastikman in 2014.

Source: Timeout Shanghai Via Mixmag

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