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Insomniac Issues Statement Regarding Volunteer Lawsuit

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Insomniac Issues Statement Regardling Volunteer Lawsuit


Insomniac Volunteers

Insomniac Events has issued a statement regarding a class action lawsuit that was filed on behalf of previous volunteers at the company's electronic music festivals. The statement comes from  Jennifer Forkish, Insomniac’s Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs.  She states:

“We’re really disappointed to hear about this lawsuit. There are thousands of current and former Insomniac volunteers who are expressing their outrage online over this suit, as well as their desire to continue volunteering at our events. We appreciate the support of these individuals and intend to vigorously defend the lawsuit."

The lawsuit, which can be viewed on, states that both Insomniac and its partner company Live Nation recruited volunteers to do the work of paid employees at on-site stores, merchandise tents, water stations, and information booths in exchange for admission to festivals, with promised time off to enjoy the show.

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It also states that volunteers also had to pay a deposit, which they agreed to be withheld by Insomniac and Live Nation if duties were not performed completely or if they misbehaved while onsite. In short, some volunteers had to pay to work, according to the lawsuit.

Prior to Insomniac's  statement, many past volunteers had express their support of the volunteer program.  On our Facebook page, past volunteer Nicole Williams writes:

I had 2 different groups of friends volunteer EDC Vegas last year. They only had to work 1 or 2 days, and got the rest of EDC free. One of my friends followed their assigned work times and loved it. My other friends bailed on their assigned times and didn't get the deposit back. The deposit is just so you don't try to use volunteering as just getting a free ticket.

Christian Albano also took to Facebook to say " I had 3 friends that volunteered last year and had a great experience, along with breaks and a day off of their choice to enjoy the festival".

For the most part, past festival volunteers expressed positive support for Insomniac and dismissed the lawsuit as unnecessary.

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