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Kerri Chandler Addresses Celebrity DJ Culture

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Kerri Chandler Addresses Celebrity DJ Culture (AKA Paris Hilton)

First, props to Kerri Chandler for having to think about who Paris Hilton is. The fact that he does not have her name on the tip of his tongue speaks volume to who he is.  He's so far removed from the pop culture bullshit machine that it really shows he is all about the music.

In this interview, Chandler talks with  Serbian DJ and music journalist Tijana T,  covering everything from travel horror stories to new technology.  The interview was recorded right before his sound check at Belgrade's The Tube Club.

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The subject of Hilton comes up when he's talking about the promotional machine of the internet and how DJing has become a popularity contest.  He says:

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All of things now, don't have shit to do with music...  I just  saw something interesting, before I left she's all over the place now, she's DJing.  I think she has an album coming out... God what is her name.... Hilton! Paris Hilton!  She seems like an interesting girl, nice enough.  But just because of her popularity, I'm not sure about her DJing...but she's one of the highest paid DJs right now.  And this club... Harrahs in Atlantic City paid her, for each night $100,000... Sometimes people don't actually have to hear the DJ, they just wanna be there because that presence is there. When you have DJs DJing when they just stand there and don't DJ or you have someone throwing a piece of cake at you, it's like 'Wow! It's come to that?"

Overall, the interview is an enlightening look at the house music legend and the passion the he has for what he does.  The celeb DJ topic comes in at about 10 mins in, but we highly recommend you watch the whole thing.

Listen to/download Kerri Chandler's 2012 Boiler Room Set below:

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