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'King Of The Club Kids' Out Of Jail After Serving Time For Drug Murder

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'King Of The Club Kids' Out Of Jail After Serving Time For Drug Murder

Michael Alig, one of the founding members of the infamous NYC Club Kids is out of jail today after serving seventeen years for manslaughter.  In 1996, Alig pleaded guilty to murdering his friend  Andre "Angel" Melendez over a drug debt.  The story made the headlines, as it exposed some of the darker sides of the club scene in New York City.

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The Club Kids consisted of members like Gitsie, Jennytalia, Robert "Freez" Riggs, Richie Rich, Charlie "Dash" Prestano, and Amanda Leopore. They gained fame because of their flamboyant outfits and party lifestyle that was lived out in famed NYC clubs like the Limelight. Eventually, they appeared on popular day time talk shows like Geraldo and Donahue.

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The Melendez murder was initially just a rumor floating around the New York club scene, until Michael Musto of the Village Voice broke the news. The details of the murder, according to OneBeat are that:

A fight over drug money had escalated, Melendez was rendered unconscious, and according to two different accounts, Alig either injected him with Drano, or poured it down his throat. The murder was made more gruesome and ultimately sensational, as subsequently, Alig dismembered the body, put them in a box and a garbage bag and threw it into the Hudson river

Police arressted Alig and his boyfriend at hotel in New Jersey. Alig plead guilty and was sentenced to ten to twenty years in prison. In a follow up report he told Musto "I know why I blabbed. I must have wanted to stop me. I was spinning out of control. It's like the old saying 'What do you have to do to get attention around here - kill somebody?".

Today, using a twitter account set up for him by the editor of his memoirs, Alig tweeted:

Alig's story was documented in the 2003 film Party Monster.

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