Knife Wielding Woman Gets Tasered At Lightning In A Bottle


Knife Wielding Woman Gets Tasered At Lightning In A Bottle 2014

The LA Weekly is reporting that a woman was tasered by law enforcement agencies just after 6pm yesterday at Lightning In A Bottle, an electronic music festival held near Bradley, California this year.

According to attendees, the woman was wielding a knife and waiving it at the crowd.  It has also been reported that the woman stole and briefly drove a festival motor cart.

Mary Grace Cerni of the LA Weekly writes:

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She was apparently tasered two or three times by members of the Monterey County Sheriff's department. Monterey County park rangers were also present.

After one of the taserings, a male associate of the woman seemed to be pleading for her to drop the knife. When, after a minute or two, she failed to do so, she was tasered again, held down on the ground, face down, and cuffed. She was then put in a police vehicle and driven away.

The Monterey County Sheriff's department said they had no information about the incident.

Russell Ward, a publicist for the DoLab, the organizers of Lightning In A Bottle, says there isn't any further information available on the festival's end either.

"The appropriate people have connected with law enforcement," Ward says. "We have a ranger staff deeply connected with fest. This issue was handled quickly and gracefully."

"We have a good rapport with law enforcement, and a great internal team and we've worked closely with them to keep our guests safe and secure," he adds. "It is an individual and isolated occurrence."

Lightning in a Bottle began as a celebration of nature and music in 2000.  This  year the festival is being held at the San Manuel Recreation Area, near Bradley, CA.

Source: LA Weekly

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