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Los Angeles Pill Warning: Don't Take The PS4s, Instagrams And More

These pills you should avoid at all costs.
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Los Angeles Pill Warning: Don't Take The PS4s, Instagrams And More

It looks like there are some pill warnings in effect fort the Los Angeles area, as the Ps4's, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube logo-ed pills are testing positive for chemicals other than MDMA.

This is according to a post on Pill Reports (a global database of "Ecstasy" pills based on both subjective user reports and scientific analysis), which indicates only some of the pills are testing positive for actual MDMA. Those that are positive are at best sketchy, as they may be adulterated as well. The poster recommends that "you stay away from these presses all together."

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Pill Reports is a website that works to identify dangerous adulterants in MDMA and "ecstasy" pills. Their goal is to perform a vital harm reduction service that can prevent many of the problems associated with "Ecstasy" use before they happen.

They exist as a harm reduction tool and do not condemn or condone ecstasy use. And neither do we. Always test your drugs and make sure you trust your buyer, if you do buy something.

Whatever you decide to do, be safe and informed.

Source: Pill Reports

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