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LIZ’s Mad Decent Lib From SXSW | New Electronic Music

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In this entertaining confession the first lady of Mad Decent, LIZ, brings label founder and producer extraordinaire, Diplo, up-to-speed on the madness of SXSW. Kicking off the summer festival season in style, LIZ’s Mad Decent lib chronicles her ridiculous adventures from Austin, TX.

Mad Decent Lib: LIZ’S Postcard To Diplo From SXSW | New Electronic Music

Known for her unabashed ‘90s throwback R&B stylings, LIZ has favored collaborating with an impressive subset of cutting edge producers including Ryan Hemsworth, Mr. Carmack, and Djemba Djemba.

Most recently, you may have seen her making waves alongside unofficial Man of the Year, Pharrell Williams, on “That’s My Man” for the latest Spider-man soundtrack.

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Sup Diplo,

Listen up, SXSW is next-level! Last night we downed a few shots of unicorn blood and Lil Boosie rolled in talking about slangin’ gummy bears at the Playboy mansion. We ended up at a Lamborghini party with a bunch of Versace bathrobes and all of a sudden the strippers were rolling and bitches be twerkin’! “Express Yourself” came on and everyone took off their bras and tied them around their heads. When the show ended we pedi-cabbed to The Driskell to pick-up homies and rolled into a mother fuckin conga line with a Pikachu humping a gorilla. I’m pretty sure I got into a crazy catfight with Lady Gaga and busted my hair …”

LIZ released her debut EP, Just Like You, earlier this year and it’s available to download for free, so get on it!

Have a wild and crazy festival experience lately? Do the Mad Decent Lib for yourself and share your results in the comments!

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