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Culprit Celebrates 5 Years At The Standard With Maya Jane Coles

Almost 5 years ago, Los Angeles based record label Culprit put out their premiere release which was a limited run of Hot Natured's premiere release as well.  About 40-something releases later, Culprit is still running strong and not slowing down one bit.  To help celebrate their 5th year in the biz, they have already thrown down 2 killer parties with the first being in Chicago earlier this month and the other most recently this past Sunday at the Standard Rooftop here in Downtown LA.  Those who were lucky or eager enough to attend were treated to none other than Maya Jane Coles & also Edu Imbernon as well.

Culprit Celebrates 5 Years At The Standard With Maya Jane Coles

As I ascended up to the rooftop of the fabled Standard Hotel at about 5pm, Edu Imbernon had most of the rooftop crowd grooving effortlessly in anticipation of Maya's rare LA set.  The peak of his set seemed to hit at around 530pm when he unloaded Ten Walls' latest "Walking With Elephants".  The crowd was definitely ready for Maya Jane Coles at this point as she got on the decks as soon as dusk hit. Maya bobbed & weaved through smooth house & tech house for a solid 2 hours with tracks as rough as Yenk's Basement and others as smooth as her own "Everything" off of her most recent album.

Maya Jane Coles' commanding DJ set was one that is rarely caught as even those that were 50 feet away from her were all dancing as if they were right in the middle of the dancefloor.

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Culprit plans on continuing the celebration with the following dates and more dates to come including Miami & Vegas:

May 10 - Panama City @ Hotel Brisas de Amador
May 17 - Albuquerque, NM @ Effex Nightclub
May 31 - New York @ Verboten 

To Order Maya Jane Coles' latest Fabric mix:

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