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New Drum & Bass Chart - Top 10 Tracks Of The Week

Kove - Way We Are feat. Melissa Steel (174 Mix)

Liquid and neurofunk dominate this week's chart with a smattering of folk, parody, and drumstep thrown in for good measure. Monstercat continues to churn out drum & bass tracks which should make its 017 compilation quite a treat. Play Me Records and MTA Records both had strong releases this week with INF1N1TE's Parade EP and Kove's 'Way We Are' set for release on June 8th. Without further ado, let's get to it!

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1. Link, Didn't I
First up for this week is this sick liquid tune by Link with real summertime vibes. A strong string arrangement and almost folksy vocals give this track a lot of variety.

2. Burning Forest, Vanguard
This monster drumstep track from Burning Forest takes full advantage of all growl synths have to offer. And invariably, there is drum & bass breakdown at the second drop, and it is worth waiting for.

3. JADE, What You Are
Jade delivers some excellent neurofunk with this one. It slowly gains intensity as the drums become more pronounced and the bassline reaches maximum overload.

4. Bustre, Don't Forget feat. LaMeduza
This week's Monstercat tune comes courtesy of Bustre. With LaMeduza on vocals, this track presents a dark and melancholy side to liquid. The oscillating bassline against the subtle lead synth presents a chilling masterstroke of production.

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5. Kill The Zo, Part 1
This is what we've all been waiting for since they announced they tour together. Mat Zo's D&B background as MRSA and Kill The Noise's masterful production helped to construct this immediate banger. KTN's signature growls are easily discernible, as is Mat Zo's sound design. Wait for 2:36, though, for some serious Blink 182 vibes that will give you chills.

6. INF1N1TE, Stray
Play Me Record's newest acquisition kills it with this dubstep -> drum & bass track. Seriously dark and demented basslines permeate this one with the vocal hook repeating throughout.

7. Kove, Way We Are feat. Melissa Steel (174 Mix)
The rising lead synth in the build up along with the sweet vocals of Melissa Steel lure you into this D&B mix that delivers handily. Great melody on top of a well-crafted bassline shows how serious Kove's talent is.

8. Digital Pulse, Solarbeam
Fans of Pokemon will be heavily amused with the vocal samples on this. The track itself uses some sick & gritty basslines to get its point across with a pretty decent breakdown section.

9. Code: Pandorum - Absence Of Light
Another neurofunk track finds its way onto my chart this week. Uplifting ethereal vocals accentuate the dark bassline and growls as the track thunders along. Download for free HERE.

10. Martin Mittone - After Midnight
Last but not least is this wonderful liquid tune from Martin Mittone. The piano gives it a quaintly soft feeling while the drums continue to pound away.

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