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New Drum & Bass Chart - Top 10 Of The Week

An interesting mix of new and old school beats this week. I always try for some big names and little names on each chart, so don't fret if you've never heard some of these guys before - neither have I. But I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out in the future.

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1. Fox Stevenson, All This Time
Fresh off his new EP, the eponymous title track has seriously happy vibes just oozing out of it. From the high-pitched kazoo-like lead in, to the awesome whistles and deep bass, you can't help but crack a smile listening to this awesome tune.

2. I Am Legion, Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix)
Absolutely massive names accompany this release, with I Am Legion comprised of Noisia and Foreign Beggars, and Teddy Killerz on remix duty. While the original is difficult to pin down, this is unadulterated drum & bass, plain and simple.

3. Chris.SU, Above Earth feat. State Of Mind
Chris.SU makes his chart premier alongside Week 5 champion State Of Mind. This neuro tune doesn't do anything by the book as it chops up the bassline and the drums punctuate every beat.

4. The Prototypes, Humanoid
The Prototypes seem unable to do wrong. They reach far back into their roots for this jungle infused neuro tune that bounces and grooves, with vocals that sound almost Vin Diesel-esque. Not that that's a bad thing, I love me some Riddick.

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5. Lazersharkk, Leave Em Dead feat. Mikitron
Riddim-esque vocals lure you in as the bass drops and the drums blast. Smart move making room in the middle for a breakdown - gives the track depth and controls the pacing. A+

6. Netsky, 500 Days Of Summer (Woody Remix)
Bumping up the energy just a bit and raising the octaves seemingly gives us a whole new song that is all at once happier, less melancholy than the original and also a little more aggressive. Minimalism in remixes can work just as well as in originals. Also the sick breakdown at the end, mmmfffff.

7. The Mamas & The Papas, California Dreamin' (Dub Berzerka Bootleg)
Taking a 60's song and remixing it like this takes not only skills, but huge balls. Kudos to you, sir. The track keeps its classic quality with a whole new modern flare; the ode to the original in the middle section before the drums come back in was a particularly nice touch.

8. Fab Samperi, Listen Up feat. Jonnathan Molina (JFB remix)
JFB, the 2013 UK DMC Champion, gives a little scratch flavor to this 2011 faux-jazz rock number. (Seriously, look up the video on YouTube, it looks like it was filmed in the 40's.)

9. Kasger & Skyvoice, Weightless feat. Rachel Jones
I think for once this is the only liquid track on the chart this week. Nevertheless, it's on here for a reason. Piano provides the majority of the soft melody while Rachel Jones proves herself a powerful newcomer in the scene.

10. Porter Robinson, Sad Machine (Tut Tut Child Remix)
My absolute favorite track on the chart this week, no contest. Porter Robinson had the scene up in arms about his new single he dropped, and Tut Tut Child, one of my favorites from the Monstercat fam, did just a phenomenal job reworking this masterpiece. I swear to God I shed a tear the first time I heard this. Download it for free HERE.

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