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New Electronic Music Chart - Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Selections

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This week in the top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance chart it feels like we time travel a bit more than usual. Some songs literally go back and rework a few classics, other songs draw inspiration from decades past, and they are all gold. What is truly great though is that some of these DJs/producers are not afraid to tackle the challenge of making something proven better in a modern style. It takes some courage and some talent, and also a great historical ear. Also, I am really excited with a few names on here being artists not conventionally defined by nu-disco or indie dance. They are welcome contributors to the genres, and proof that something big is going on. It’s time to disco! It’s time to dance!

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1. “Stranger” Chris Malinchak feat. Mikky Ekko
If you get Pete Tong excited with your new sound, then you’re off to a great start. Malinchak comes out swinging with a strong sexy tune, sounding more like Michael Jackson than a hologram ever could. Points to Mikky Ekko and that voice...

2.”Wolves” Digitalism, Magnetism Recording Co.
Digitalism is back and off in a new direction, a good one at that. This is a fine piece of indie dance on Digitalism's terms and boy can you dance to it.

3. “Coastline (Gigamesh Remix)” Wunder Wunder, Dovecote Records
Gigamesh is a disco master, a disco maestro… He’s everything right in recontextualizing disco for the modern audience. This jam is perfect for the beach on this holiday weekend!

4. “Do it Again (Moullinex Remix)” Royksopp & Robyn, Dog Triumph Ltd.
Moullinex does a whole lot right with a song that already has a lot going on. I don’t need to say much, I just need to say listen to this ASAP.

5. “Trying to Be Cool (Nude Disco Remix)” Phoenix, Nude Disco Records
Seems like everyone and their grandmother had a chance to remix the Phoenix album, and I enjoyed most. I bring this one up to you now because it’s damn good, and Phoenix goes disco in a delicate way via Nude Disco’s remix. There’s romance and elegance, and the slowed down vocal is just bliss.

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6. “Talking to You (Feat. Andrew Butler)” [Dub] Wolfram, DFA Records
There’s a little bit of shade about this song, it’s dark and fun. Mischievous and bouncy, this is song is chock full of creativity. DFA doesn’t put out anything less than amazing, and this song holds up that credibility.

7. “Girls Cost Money (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Play that Disco Music Edit)” Passengers
You know, most feminists probably are not going to be fans of the title, but I’d say if they give the song a listen, it will win them over. It’s funky and just begs you to dance. It’s a classic italo disco tune with a modern twist.

8. “Antiquities” The Swiss, Kitsune Maison
Kitsune Maison is one of my favorite labels, and it should be yours too. Focused, determined, and so much fun on The Swiss will not leave you feeling neutral. Prepare to fall in love.

9. “Do What You Wanna Do (IMS Anthem)” Nile Rodgers (MK Disko Dub), Cr2records
MK Disko is bold, he takes one of the definitive gods of disco, and I have to say, he did not crack under the pressure. I particularly love the repetitive disco vocal… I’m not making a joke, there’s something very satisfying about it.

10. “All over Your Face ~ Baby Batter Remix” kon
It’s a disco journey, start to finish. Like walking through a city, you’re back in the seventies, cruising the street, owning it and all sorts of ready for Studio 54 in the evening.

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