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New Electronic Music Chart - Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Selections


The top nu-disco / indie dance chart this week is going to skew more towards the indie dance side of the genre. Now, indie dance isn’t very well defined, no genre is I would say, but let’s try for a clear definition. In my opinion, nu-disco and indie dance are both great creative oases from the aggressive bleeps, anthemic sing alongs, and drops of popular electronic music. The main focus of nu-disco and indie dance is making electronic music that does not compromise danceability.

Nu-Disco is more easily distinguishable as a genre that brings back the disco sound and influence to the modern day. Indie Dance, I would contend, is a producer making music on their own terms, and the only necessary criteria is making you dance. Essentially, indie dance and nu-disco producers go against the grain to get you dancing in an innovative way. Feel free to agree, disagree, happy to chat it out in the comments section, but before we get down to the intellectual debate I suggest you press play! This week was a great week in Nu-Disco & Indie Dance!

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1.”Chyna” Handbraekes, Boysnoize Records
There are boys who make noise, and then there are crazy French film directors who make crazy movies. Then there is Handbraekes which is Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo coming together to make a beautiful EP that will both soothe and scare you at the same time. Oh, and if you wanted a clear example of an indie dance tune, this right here should suffice.

2. “Don’t Call me Baby (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Remix)” Madison Avenue, Vicious Recordings
Apparently a remix that was completed in 2011, but at this year's SXSW it was revisited by the trio where they agreed it stood the test of time. Now it’s out there and ready to be shared with the world! This baby is fun, and with Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries working their magic, it’s a guaranteed party in your ear.

3. “45 Days (Rob Made Remix)” Attar! ft. Induce & Santana, Sleazy Deep
Dark, romantic and with a great vocal to accompany a solid bassline. It’s got an almost Hot Natured goes disco vibe to it…

4. “P.Y.T. (Luxar Excursion)” Michael Jackson
It’s not small thing to take on a remix of the dearly departed Michael Jackson… But I have to say, Luxar, you did well. You reimagined a classic in an indisputably enchanting remix.

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5. “Setting Sun” Dirty Vegas, d:vision
Grammy winners putting down a romantic tune here that has an Empire of the Sun quality to it, with plenty of alternative dance elements throughout. It’s a song that’s full of love and hope, and listening to this is great for the soul.

6. “Come Back Home (Vintage Culture Remix)” Saccao, Pao & Jazzyfunk, Sleazy Deep
A darker tune with a tragic air about it. There’s a doomed love story at play, and this work of art comes from a very real place. Powerful emotions resonate throughout guiding you to dance. Give it a listen, and unless you’re a socipath, you’re guaranteed to feel something.

7. “Round & Round” ingannatore
A fine work of modern italo disco, Giorgio Moroder and Johnny Jewel would be very proud. This is a song you listen to on repeat, and it’ll take you round and round.

8. “Hole (Arvo Prime Remix)” The W, Mako Records
I’d categorize this baby as indie dance with nu-disco and techno influences. Just think Justice, and you’ll know how to listen to it. It’s got retro-futurism written all over it, gritty and bad ass.

9. “Clockwork” Illangelo ft. Phlo Finister, Bromance Records
Bromance is a diverse label and every release has something new. On this great release they drop a future rnb jam. I had not really thought about what rnb would sound like in the future, but I’m glad Illangelo got me listening. Hot damn, I’m fine with more songs like this taking over.

10. “Elevator Love” Alexander Shofler, The Supertraxxe, Prep School Recordings
This is one hell of a song to get down to. Groovy and smooth, it’s well produced with a great singer to top it all off. So don’t mind me, let this sexy song take you away… Be careful with all that elevator love out there ladies and gentlemen.

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