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New Electronic Music Chart - Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance

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The best way to describe this week's Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Chart is sentimental. We are focusing on the latest releases that emphasize those tender feels, those nostalgic tunes, those songs that illicit emotions that are something strong. Another theme, we have plenty of that funky funky goodness. It seems producers are feeling that bass instrument that strums it up and funks it all down. Freak out my dance and nu-disco lovers, it’s time for those fresh funky nostalgic grooves.

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1. “Seeya” deadmau5 feat. Colleen D’Agostino, Astralwerks & Mau5trap
The mau5 is a producer that’s proven no genre is safe, he can pretty much do it all. Here on his second single from his upcoming album we see him flexing his funky muscles, and getting a little disco, disco.

2. “Stay With Me (Soul Clap Remix)” Sam Smith, Capitol Records
Smooth nostalgia with tons of love that has stellar Sam Smith crooning over. Soul Clap’s twist adds quite a sentimental touch that kicks it right out of the stratosphere.

3. “Eastern Highlands (Joris Voorn Extended Remix)” Rina Mushonga, Green
Get ready to feel something, Joris Voorn wants you to spend some good time with those feels too on his extended remix. Feels like a vacation in a beautiful memory, keep up the good work Mr. Voorn.

4. “Sleepover (Can’t Stop the Music Edit)” Honey Claws, Whiskey Pickle
This song begs you to bust a move. I especially love the italo disco almost g funk esque breakdown at about the 3:40 mark...

5. “Free” ak9
A tune that’s explosive with romance. It’s suggested to be enjoyed on the beach at sunset sharing it with a beautiful someone. I mean, I’m certainly not opposed to that scenario, are you?

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6. “Canto del Pilon (Peer Kusiv Club Mix)” Milk & Sugar feat. Maria Marquez, Milk & Sugar
Chock full of soul, ripe with adventure, and right for a great time. The exotic theme is undeniable and welcome, yet another tune that gets me on the sentimental side of things. Is it just me or am are we all feeling those indie dance feels this week?

7. “Dubwalker (Lesonic Remix)” NSFW, Nurvous records
A mellow focused remix that glides, grooving with a nuance of energy, not too much, it’s goldilocks perfect.

8. “Remote (Rework) by Anoraak, Grand Blanc
The build, the crescendo is fantastic, and then once you’re on top of that sonic mountaintop, a massive funky bass is waiting to guide you along to a nu-disco funk infused heaven.

9. “Pop the Lid” The Emperor Machine, Southern Fried Records
More of that funky funky bass to guide you to the right place. The Emperor Machine’s album just was released, and this is only one song of many that you will certainly be feeling.

10. “Drug Dealer” Volac, CUFF
A darker tune released by Amine Edge & DANCE’s CUFF label, a stalwart and defining label of the g house sound. We’ve got some solid indie dance from Volac that’s all about what you should be about, that good music.

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