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New Electronic Music Chart - Top Nu-Disco Selections

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People who like to dance, people who like to move, people who like to groove, people who like to get down with the funk... This is just the top nu-disco chart for you! So let’s time travel, actually strike that let’s bring it back from the past, and get down with a future twist. This week’s nu-disco chart is going to highlight some deep disco tunes, explore some producers that aren’t afraid to let the synths sing, and just romance man you with some of the sweetest voices the electronic scene has to offer. Get ready for fun, spin your disco ball, and press play!

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1. “Tokyo” Fouche & Godric
With a cinematic introduction that leads to some hard hitting synths, this beauty’s got that great Kavinsky retro vibe and a modern strength that guarantees its the perfect disco banger.

2. “Rapture Edit” Wuss + Lame, Wolf + Lamb Records
I’m not 100% positive, but I believe Wuss + Lame is Wolf + Lamb having a little fun with their own name, and thank god for that. These masters of the party and a distinctly curated label bring some true disco that’ll take you on a classy, romantic journey.

3. “Moknockahoe (Just for Kix Mix)” Tanner Ross & Navid Izadi, Soul Clap Records
Super chill funked out fun with eerie synths, it moves about slipping this way and that, perfect tune to whip out some experimental dance moves and absolutely get weird with it.

4. “Every Little Word (Joe Goddard Remix)” MNEK, Digital Teddy, Ltd.
This remix is poetry. The funk gets it started off right, and then a sexy vibe embraces you, and the rest… The rest is poetry… Listen to the song - don’t fight it, don’t hide it.

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5. “Facin’ The Lime” Roman D’Amour x Silver Stan x Dunlin, Heartcake
It’ll get you bobbing and bopping, grooving and moving.Then it builds up only to cool it down and keep you around for a while. Oh, and that bass does everything right in the universe when it hits, trust me.

6. “Run This World (That’s Nice Remix)” Keljet ft Mereki
I quickly fell in love with the female singer, she melts your heart. This song is a love song of a broken heart, and sometimes we should be very thankful the heart gets broken, or we wouldn’t get something as sweet as this gem right here.

7. “Mercy” Bit Catchy, Black Bug Recordings
Stumbled upon this little diddy, and saw it described as deep disco… Who knew disco could swim with the fishes? It’s a tad on the dark side, but you’re not afraid of the dark are you?

8. “The Conductor (Nora En Pure Remix)” Croatia Squad & Calippo, Enormous Tunes
A tune that sounds like a summer night, hey it’s even got that ambient cricket hum in the background to really hit that point home. But I have to say, the symphony guides you in all the right directions, and so many different elements are at play in this one, but it all comes together so cohesively.

9. “Vulnerable (Pomo Remix)” Tinashe
Bluesy vocalist, cool mellow vibe that’ll bring your dance partner closer. This baby is perfect music to get it started on the dancefloor, and then finish it elsewhere… Might lead you to name your baby Tinashe or Pomo… Just saying...

10. “Night Away” Bluford Duck, Sleazy Deep
A focused tune with a solid build and fun modulation on the vocals. It’s deep, but still has a great disco vibe with its multitude of interesting vocal components.

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