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New Electronic Music Chart - Top Nu-Disco Selections

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Citizens of the universe, I regret to inform you… Disco is not dead. In fact, it's alive and kicking, and here we are with a top nudisco chart just for you. It may not be your mom and pop’s 1970’s bellbottom wearing illuminated dancefloor disco, but I assure you, it’s dance dynamite. We here at Magnetic were wondering why this genre wasn’t getting enough love. Rather than merely ask these questions, we took action, and here we are with the latest and greatest in nudisco / indie dance. So bring your positive vibes, good attitudes, and open ears. Let’s groove about the country to some fresh tunes infused with an old school flair.

1. “Galaxy” Alex Metric & Oliver, OWSLA / Big Beat Records
When these boys collaborate, you stop and listen. You can’t for a second discuss nudisco in the modern context, and not give love to these pioneers. Galaxy is a grooving masterpiece, I dare you to give it a listen and try to sit still…

2. “tous les memes (Aeroplane remix)” Stromae, Moseart
Aeroplane’s remix will hypnotize and put you in a disco trance you may not come back from...

3. “Apne Slusa (Lang Versjon)” prinsthomas, Rett I Fletta
What if disco was a person, and what if that person was an astronaut and went on a spaceship leaving earth in the 70’s and then came back today? I have a feeling discoman would sound exactly like this cosmic tune. Who knew someone could make disco with a Boards of Canada twist, well done.

4. “Thrill Me (Gigamesh Remix)” Junior Jack, [PIAS] Recordings
When the bass hits at about the 15 second mark, you know Gigamesh is up to something special and very serious with this remix. Junior Jack laid an beautiful foundation, and Gigamesh took this baby to live amongst the stars.

5. “Disco Shit” Cherub, Columbia
With a voice like an angel, this tune has me all sorts of excited for Cherub’s album coming out soon, Year of the Caprese. Fun and playful in the lyrics department, and innovative in production. Simply, tons of disco fun to be had in this song right here.

6. “Silent to Me” CASSIMM, Spirit Soul Records
Melodic banger full of soul, sexy synths, and a great gospel vocal. This is excellent nudisco, and I suggest you help yourself to a couple more servings by pressing play over and over again.

7.”The Way It is (Louis La Roche Remix)” Birdee, Nurvous Records
When you’ve got Tommie Sunshine claiming this tune is perfection, do I need to say anymore?

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8. “You Are My Pride (Croatia Squad Remix)” Nora En Pure, Enormous Tunes
With a vocal that’ll melt your heart, this song is splendid and aggressive. It goes deep, but still maintains a disco essence.

9. “Ride wit me (Viceroy Remix)” Nelly, Universal
Oh yes, oh yes, this is one hell of a remix. Perfectly diverse for this nudisco chart, and who knew Nelly could sound so sweet, fun, and ready for a refined dancefloor?

10. “Like An Eagle” Nancy Whang & Audiojack, Gomman
Nancy Whang is an amazing woman with one hell of a voice, and so you definitely would do well to check out her latest collaboration with Audiojack. Super sexy, and super alluring.

11. “Crossfade (Michael Mayer Remix)” GusGus, Kompakt
By far, the best remix EP to come out as of late, so many different directions, and thank god this one woke up on the disco side of the bed this morning.

12. “RMI Is All I Want” The Emperor Machine, Rough Trade
With a funky funked out bass, this thing will slap you around. When you start get your bearings, when you start to get steady, some synths lead you towards a heavenly place.

13. “Bad Girl” Kevin Saunderson Feat. Inner City, KMS Records
Kevin Saunderson founded techno, certainly this man knows a thing or two about amazing nudisco. Sit back, press play, and let the master work.

14.”I Need U” Kulkid, I-D
With an elegant introduction, the xylophone takes you away, and then it all escalates when the vocal starts speaking it’s needs at you. Dance it up, dance it up real well to this one, it’s got a lot of needs, and they all involve you.

Check out the full chart on Soundcloud!

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