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New Electronic Music Chart: Top Techno Chart of the Week


Well, it’s that time again, here is Magnetic’s Top Techno Chart! This year is shaping up to be the year every big producer decides to go into techno… First we had testpilot, now we have Nero with a little bit of tech in their step… I’m all for it! It’s time for techno to have it’s day in the sun... again. We all know techno likes it dark, it likes it serious and mysterious, but summer’s here, and even techno has to enjoy the longer days and sun rays. This week we saw a lot of big new releases from big names, and some surprising ones as initially mentioned. So press play, and celebrate this techno thing we all know and love.

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1. “Satisfy” Nero, MTA Records
Had to place this baby right at the top because it’s not often when the titans of dubstep go deep techno… Nero’s back, and Nero’s sounding different… But we like different, especially when it’s techno inspired.

2. “Knowing Will Be Here (KiNK Remix)” Daniel Avery, Phantasy Sound
What a smooth, elegant remix we have here. Daniel Avery are made something excellent, and KiNK turns excellence all the way up to eleven on this remix.

3. “Circles” Bicep, Aus
Bicep flexes it a little deeper on this solid cyclically inspired tune. Prepare to be hypnotized. I assure you it’s only for your psychiatric health, I mean you look stressed. You look like you need to dance all that stress away, Dr. Bicep’s orders.

4. “Take Control (Danny Daze Wormhole Dub)” Gui Boratto, Kompakt
Danny Daze is on fire and we all know what happens when a fire starts to burn, starts to spread, right? This mystical remix bends and stretches the very fabric of the technoverse, so be careful with how weird you get with it. You might not ever be the same, you’ve been warned.

5. “Road Game” Riton
A battle tested Riton banger here… It’s from his amazing live DJ sets, so you know it’s plenty powerful. Very fun and retro-infused.

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6. “The Stranger (Voices from the Lake Remix)” Jeff Derringer, Electric Deluxe
Whatever you’re doing, no matter how stimulating or entertaining, once you press play, this song is going to command your full attention. It’s very calm, relaxing, but it’s got a little bit of beautiful insanity lying within its crescendo.

7. “Let’s Groove” Paride Saraceni, Agile Recs
Let’s groove indeed! I thought you’d never ask! Paride Saraceni has a song that glides, spins and does everything right.

8. “Why Not” Tallmen.785, Tallmen
Blues… Techno… Techno Blues… Blues Techno… How could I say no?

9. “Shadowprint” Bart Skils, Drumcode
The melodies and deep percussions are the real strength of this gem here, and then the surprising echoing, deep vocal is quite pleasant. Bart, you’ve got plenty of skills!

10. “Chord Kaoss” Mark Fanciulli, Planet E
Described to me as an underground workout, and I’d say that’s a great description. Work up a sweat with this song, for your health.

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