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Top Techno Chart of the Week | New Electronic Music


The Magnetic Magazine Top Techno Chart is back, and better than ever. We’re here, we’re major, and we’re ready to get you grooving to some fresh electronic techno muzak. Stateside we’ve got Memorial Day weekend hanging right over our heads, so let this list either get you through the slow moving work day, or let it be the fire that gets this weekend off to a memorable start!

Techno stops for no man, so get with it, get listening, there’s so much going on this week, you don’t want to miss any of it!

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1. “Legend” Rob Hes, Tronic Music
Described as a master of modern production and groove manipulation, Rob Hess is well on his way to legendary status with this song via the lovely label Tronic Music.

2. “Close Up (Louisahhh!!! Remix)” dOP, Bromance, Circus Company, Mixmag Premiere
Lousiahhh!!! is running the techno game this year! Frankly, if there were an election, we would nominate her for Techno in Chief. She does it again with her remix skills, and then of course there’s that unforgettable voice that guides you to a special place.

3. “Drop Zone” Atix, BNR TRAX
It punches your ears, grabbing your attention from second one, and it doesn’t stop bashing you (politely and consensually of course) until you’re ready to rage! Love the ferocity!

4. “Stronghold” GoldFFinch, Turbo Recordings
Tiga’s Turbo Recordings is no lightweight in the techno department, and GoldFFinch puts down a quintessential Turbo techno tune on this Stronghold jam. Enjoy!

5. “Materium” Alex Niggemann, Poker Flat Recordings
Heard this dropped on Alex Niggemann’s recent podcast for Cadenza, and it’s a song you’ll be hearing a lot this summer. It’s cinematic and fun, and perfect for an underground warehouse groove.

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6. “Les La-Bas (Bonobo Remix)” Henry Texier
Not a techno regular, but a champion of good music, Bonobo brings us a remix he dropped in his recent Boiler Room set. It’s unique, it’s different, it should be listened to several times over.

7.”TEK001 DJ Tool” Skream
Here is a simple little techno roller for Skream’s sets debuted at Everywhere Festival recently. I have to say, I love everything Skream has been up to since he said goodbye to dubstep.

8. “It’s All Wood” Bs1
Here is another great techno tool for all you aspiring techno producers. It punches and is all strength, so use this raw tune to declare war on your listeners. They’ll be better people when you destroy the party.

9. “Depicta” Call Super, Houndstooth
Not too many clubs have solid labels, but Fabric’s label Houndstooth has legitimized itself as a notable standard bearer for the scene. Call Super is best described as majestic on this thing called Depicta.

10. “Pepis (Miki Craven Remix)” Funk D’Void, Soma
With a heavier edge, Miki Craven whips up a proper taste of techno on Funk D’Voids first new material in seven years.

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