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New Electronic Music Chart: Top Techno Chart of the Week


The Top Techno Chart is back! But first… Guys and gals, gals and guys... I’m sorry, but I caught myself… I think I was neglecting minimal techno for a minute… I didn’t take my eye off of it completely, but I just want to go on record that I know I’ve been derelict. This week I rectify that and we have some great minimal contributions to this week’s top techno. The first three tunes are from some of my favorites, newer and old, but favorite producers none the less. There’s a lot of good things going on here people, and it’s definitely skewing more towards the fun warehouse techno vibe. So, get your head in that underground gear, get your mind right and accept that the next ten tunes are only the finest vintage of that sweet thirst quenching techno music.

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1. “Analysis Paralysis” Justin Jay, Dirtybird
A newer addition to one of the best labels in the business that’s not so new, but he’s got a great new EP just seeing release. He put out a few bangers last year, and this year is looking just as strong.

2. “Parson’s Nose” Simian Mobile Disco, 2020 Vision Recordings
This jam from SMD is off of the album Ralph Lawson Content which is chock full of delectable tunes from top talent far and wide. But hey, we had to pick one, and by god it’s a good one.

3. “Should Be Higher (Blond:Ish Remix)“ Depeche Mode, Columbia Records
After witnessing first hand their raw power in a beautifully underground set, I can testify before god and the world that Blond:Ish is the truth. Their rework of Depeche Mode is what you need to listen to.

4. “Tensity” Daniel Portman, Unreleased Digital
Progressive, minimal and absolutely next level with the flute element. Daniel Portman, I think it’s a definite must for me to see you the next chance I get. I imagine this song kicks some ass and takes some names.

5. “System Addict feat. Francis Xavier” Jensen Intercepter, Motorik!
It’s got a bit of that ghettotech to it, and you could get on a good grind. The vocal experimentation is an indisputable plus of this gem.

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6. “Whats Love (Orkestrated Remix)” Prefect, Yes Yes Records
This one thumps and bumps, but in a very classy manner. You gotta give it up to the minimal producers, they know exactly the right way to do it, and with only the exact right components.

7. “Broken Dreams” Droplex & Joey Smith
We’ve got something new here, this is classified as vocal minimal and melodystyle… I get what he’s going for, but more than the genreic classifications, I like it. I’ll take another order of this, and then put some in a doggy bag for lunch tomorrow.

8. “Red Zone” Nolan Gray
I first encountered Mr. Nolan Gray when he did an opening set at the San Francisco Sea of Dreams New Years Eve show, and I have to say the man held his own. Further evidence that this dude is doing great things, my two thousand and fourteen has been one hell of a year. So I’m very pleased he’s keeping up the good work with this latest release.

9. “Sonar // Bitten “ Matt Sassari, Ant Brooks
A focused roller that moves and plugs right along. This gets your shoulders moving, and the rest of your body follows, a real great to tune to bust a move to.

10. “Children of House” Nolan ft. Idris Elba
Okay, I snuck some deepness on here, but it was for a good, selfish cause… I just love Idris Elba… So… indulge me here, and check this tune out. It’s definitely got its tech components though.

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