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New Electronic Music Chart: Top Techno Chart of the Week


In this week’s top techno chart, the theme is fun. There’s so much fun that you might get a little sick of it by the end of it, dare I say a little fun-over? But honestly, don’t try these tricks at home, or try them if you’re a champion, this week we’ve got the best and brightest in the world of techno. They are all gearing up to prove that 2014 is one hell of a time to be alive and dancing. Be proud to be a part of this thing called techno, because without you, it wouldn’t be much of anything at all. Onward and upward, it’s time to press play and let go, it’s time for good techno!

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1.”Rick Flair” Ejeca, Exploris
Woo! The first release off of Ejeca’s new label Exploris, and what a great way to start things off. This Irishman who is not afraid to explore challenging genres, he certainly has himself a hit right at the beginning of summer.

2. “Suckle (Twenties)” Mosca, Not So Much
The sonar component of this tune is haunting. Overall, this song reminds me of a walk down a road very late at your night, and your mind, along with the shadows, starts to play tricks on you… And then the fear starts to kick in. But! Don’t let that scare you, let it motivate you to move and groove!

3. “Salad & Beer with MorryC” Douglas Greed, BPitch Control
I like salad and I like beer, and I bet they are great with MorryC, whoever he is. Although, you have to wonder, does the health benefits of a salad get neutralized by an accompanying beer? I’m clearly overthinking the title of an undeniably great song.

4. “Tunel De Sada“ Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy, 3Over
Cacophonous, expansive and great for getting you into a full gallop. It’s a tune that charges forward and keeps going right through whatever obstacle tragically lands in its way.

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5. “Streetout” Dosem, Suara
It’s got an urban vibe, well complimented by some g funk-esque synths echoing throughout. Nothing Dosem ever does is far from excellent, and you should be excited, I hear rumors of a new album on the horizon...

6. “NRG106” Bicep, Aus Music
Bicep does it again with a great tune that is well rounded and strong. It does a great job of moving from hard hitting to melodic and soothing. There’s a story at play here, and I’m drawn very deep into it...

7. “Erotic Discourse (Kowtown Remix)” Paul Woolford, Hotflush Recordings
Probably should keep this tune away from the kids, not that it’s explicit, but it certainly sounds sexy, in a techno sort of way. So for all the consensual adults, give it a nice polite listen.

8. “Godzirra” Jaceo, Kraftek
In anticipation of the new Godzilla movie, this tune right here feels more than appropriate. Just imagine if Godzilla was all sorts of hip, and his sights were set on the underground, then you’d get what Jaceo is giving us today!

9. “Hustle & Bustle” Eric Sneo, Tronic
The silly noises in the background of this baby bounce along a wonderful bass line and high hat, all building to a song that is intense and full of great vibes.

10. “Tomahawk (Vox Remix)” Dave Angel, Bedrock Records
It’s the type of song you want to sweat to. One cannot stop from going hard and losing reality for a moment or two while you’ve got this streaming into your ears.

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