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New Electronic Music Chart: Top Techno Selections of the Week


Readers of this weeks top techno chart, we’re officially in May, and you know what that means? The northern hemisphere tilts a few degrees closer to the sun heating things up. You know how it goes, the clothes start coming off and the beaches get that much more appealing. Are you ready for that bikini? Are you ready for those board shorts? If not, then how about you dance off that winter coat with some techno! The vintage on this week’s techno chart is looking ever so delectable, so cleanse your palate, and let’s have some fun listening to this one!

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1. “Luna (Timo Maas Remix)” Wolfgang Haffner, Rockets & Ponies
Summer is here, so I feel it’s only appropriate to open up with a a gentleman who knows a thing or two about Ibizan summers. Timo Maas brings his brilliant techno touch to the latest by Wolfgang Haffner, have fun with this one.

2. “See You Next Tuesday” Nicole Moudaber & Carl Cox, MOOD
Are they literally telling me they will see me next tuesday? Or are they referring to a not politically correct term? Either way, I’m all for it haha. Nicole and Carl, oh yes, oh yes, it’s definite success. Also, Nicole Moudaber is set to launch her very own weekly radio show entitled: In the MOOD. Nicole will be exploring a variety of styles from week to week – including but not limited to her beloved techno.

3. “Phrase” Paul Strive & Harvard Bass, Revolution
Techno titan collaboration right here, and it’s all sorts of pleasant. The vocal is great, creative, and overall weird in the right way. It bumps, it moves, it’s what you should be listening to.

4. “Cells” Pan-Pot, Second State Audio
The first release on the new Pan-Pot label. Phrased by some as the first step in a new direction for their career, and phrased by me as clearly a great first step!

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5. “Get Out Fight” Mineo, Crosstown Rebels
We have a genre fence strattler here, so debate us all you want, we’re including it because it feels more tech on the tech house side of things. Crosstown is a label that cultivates talent, and Mineo is chock full of that.

6. “N Lights” Roberto Clementi, Soma
Subtle, smooth, minimal excellence… It’s a gentle whisper of a song, but it’s so very strong.

7. “Copy“ TWR72, Turbo Recordings
You can always count on Turbo Recordings to bring a banger to the table. Not surprisingly, TWR72 certainly bangs out delicious techno that demands respect and praise.

8. “Blackmail (Matt Sassari Remix)” Gaga, kinetika records
Dark, deep techno that is cavernous in its depth, and crazy in its vocal. You know I love a good song that gets sinister, and this song definitely is a nightmare with a smile. Beware, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy this shady character.

9. “Beatdown ft. Translucent (Erika’s Spaced Up Remix)” Danny Daze, Ultramajic
It’s a little bit paranoid, but perfectly so in keeping you on edge and listening. There is a vibrant quality to it as well. Danny Daze is killing it, and Erika certainly took this remix to space, so blast off here people!

10. “10,000” Proxy, Sotto Voce Records
Proxy, god damn, it’s only a preview, but I’m all sorts of excited. This song is strong, and I think it’s a contender to conquer this year. So strong.

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