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New Bass & Trap Chart- Top 10 New Releases

Happy - Remix

Taylor Barnes here with this week's Trap Chart. I'm back once again with some fresh trap, jersey club, and future beats to satisfy your musical cravings. Quite a few of my favorite producers are featured in my chart this week, so without further ado, let's dive in

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1. Drugs In The Club (Smoked Out Weed Remix), Milo Mills
Milo Mills demonstrates his versatility as a producer breaking from his usual speedy sound with this mid-tempo, ambient remix.

2. Daisy (G Jones Flip), Great Dane
G Jones never ceases to impress me, and his latest remix of Great Dane's "Daisy" definitely didn't disappoint. G Jones use of different effects to play with the stereo field of certain elements makes this song much more interesting.

3. Na Na Na, Trippy Turtle
Trippy Turtle is at it again, but this time he's released something different from his usual jersey club sound. Although all the elements of a jersey club banger, Trippy Turtle decided to take this one down to turtle speed.

4. Human Abstract edit, Om Unit
Some great chilled out bass music from one of the genre's finest, Om Unit.

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5. F.D.B. (Andrew Luce Remix), Young Dro
This tune goes HARD. Can't believe a 16 year old made this. Trap at its best right here.

6. Epic Jersey Club Mashleg (15 Songs in 1), Kappa Kavi
Kappa Kavi managed to cram almost every ubiquitous jersey club sample into one epic 3 minute tune. This is an impressive feat to say the least.

7. Happy (Kaytranada Edition), Pharell Williams
I thought I couldn't stand hearing this song anymore, and then Kaytranada did this incredible remix breathing new life into this dying husk of a tune. Big ups Kaytra.

8. Best Friend (Village Remix), Brandy
This haunting yet beautiful future R&B remix comes courtesy of Village. So many feels from this one.

9. Foreign Formula, Indian Summer
I was wondering when producers would start adopting Flume's style, and Indian Summer answered that question with this tune.

10. Geometrik, Esta x Mr.Carmack
2 of Soulection's finest teamed up for this monster of a track. It starts off upbeat, and then slowly winds down to a downtempo tune.

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