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Porter Robinson drops new single ‘Sad Machine’

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Porter Robinson has dropped his second single ‘Sad Machine’ from his upcoming Worlds LP.   Two months ago we got a listen to the debut track from Worlds ‘Sea of Voices,’ an ethereal celestial track that was a vast departure from Porter’s previous material.  The trend continues with ‘Sad Machine.’  Stretching over six minutes, it’s an atmospheric track with hints of pop, drums and an ambient arpeggiation.  ‘Sad Machine’ also utilizes singing voice synthesizer Vocaloid, allowing Porter to make his vocal debut.

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Said Porter “I’d used Vocaloid as the vocals for several of the songs on Worlds, and then the idea of a duet between a lonely robot girl and the human boy who encounters her occurred to me.  I didn’t have much time before I had to turn in the entire album, so I just sang the male parts. I wanted something that felt distantly sad, a little cute, surreal, hopeful, and maybe somehow evocative of fiction?”

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As far as Worlds goes, it’s still shrouded with unknown answers.  We do know it won’t be a “DJ friendly” LP.  So don’t expect it to be packed with club bangers.  I expect Porter to break many boundaries with the release, striving to be non-conformist.  Hopefully it gives a much needed push into a new direction for dance music.

But maybe some of the best news – we can expect Porter to head out on a live tour once the album drops.  He says he’d like to give us about a month to listen to and enjoy Worlds then embark on a tour in support of the release.  “The first place it goes on tour will be the United States, because that’s naturally where you go.  I plan to take it to a bunch of key festivals – and I don’t mean dance festivals.”

Grab ‘Sad Machine’ today on iTunes.

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