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Is This Your DJ Booth, Bro? Well, Here's What Your DJ Gear Says About You...

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Want To Start DJing? Here's How Not To...

When I used to work at Turntable Lab a few years back, one of the most sound pieces of advice I had for customers was not to skimp on their DJ equipment.    Spend a little more on reputable brands (Pioneer, Technics, Rane, etc) and save yourself a lot of headache.  The reason why is these brands make quality goods- they are dependable and do what they are supposed to do.  Their products make your job as a DJ easier, not harder. Ever tried to beat match on Gemini belt drive turntables?  Exactly.

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But I don't event know where to begin with this DJ set up.  It was posted on Craigslist a while back and been floating around Facebook recently.  Seemingly a steal at just $225, it's all you need to start DJing.  Really, bro?  Good for beginners? Yeah, if you're beginning to learn how to quit.   We think you get the point.

But you may wonder, what type of person would "DJ" on this poor excuse for a DJ set up? In other words- it's time for a quick edition of What Does Your DJ Gear Say About You?

DJ No-Sync Auto-Start

This DJ is  pumped cause he's rockin' the  CDJ-.025's and the P.O.S. PILE-5000 mixer.  His "gets the crowd everytime" mix is slamming "Adiago For Strings" into Chingy's "Right Thurr" (96kpbs MP3 Radio Rip Version w/ drops).  His musical knowledge peaked when he was about six pills deep at a rave,  but he can't remember who was spinning or what song was playing. We wonder- did he start DJing just to take jobs from the working man, or is it a legitimate side hustle to save up for a cowboy hat and further invest in his crystal meth addiction?

On This Set Up? Well What Does Your DJ Gear Say About You?

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