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Seth Troxler Trolls 'Team Avicii' With Hard Questions At IMS In Ibiza

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Seth Troxler Trolls Team Avicii With Tough Questions At IMS In Ibiza

DJ/producer Seth Troxler just got one step closer to declaring all out war against mainstream EDM, this time throwing some pretty tough questions to the "Team Avicii" panel at the International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza, Spain.

The panel was made up of Ash Pournouri, Carl Vernersson and Panos Ayassotelis, all of whom play well defined roles in bringing Avicii's music and face to the forefront of EDM culture.

In regards to the split in writing and production credits that Ash Pournouri receives on Avicii's work , Troxler asks  "I was wondering, with you guys, is it more of a modern day Milli Vanilli situation? Who is actually producing the music, and what does your music stand for in the whole giant scope of electronic music, and music generally?”

To this question, Pournouri responds:

Well, it’s not really 50/ [Bergling AKA Avicii] has always been the main producer and I’m the Executive Producer, sometimes I have more input and sometimes I have less... I had ideas and Tim had ideas and we merged them into the same brand… To answer your second question, what it means for electronic music, the music we create, we’re not trying to persuade anyone in particular. As any musician would…we’re trying to expose the music to as many people as possible. We started in electronic music and we believe we’re still there, we think we’re staying true to the original sounds we created, which is based on energetic, uplifting melodies"

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You can watch the whole exchange via Nick Curly's Facebook video below:



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Source: In The Mix

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