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Seth Troxler's Take On "Festivals, Clubbing, And Not Being A C*nt"

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Seth Troxler's Take On "Festivals, Clubbing, And Not Being A C*nt"

Never one to hold back, Seth Troxler pretty just pretty much laid all of his thoughts on the current state of EDM.  His post is called  "Dance Festivals are The Best and Worst Places in The World" and it popped up on Thump today.

If you know of Troxler, a lot of what he said probably won't shock you. His begins his manifesto-like post by stating:

The current state of dance music is crazy. It’s so flooded. Everywhere you look, there’s a new festival and a new party. I lived in New York City for 4 months recently, and there were about 50 Resident Advisor parties on one weekend. I mean, what the fuck? It’s the same with festivals now, too. Everyone is going into the boutique festival game and whilst I think it’s cool that people are going out and enjoying themselves, where do we draw that line over quality?

Troxler goes on to state "...if you’re not critical of the culture you live in, and love, then you’re doing yourself and everyone around you a disservice. EDM plays host to a profound delusion about what electronic music and dance culture are. It’s ridiculous music, made by ridiculous, un-credible people. "

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Troxler makes some valid points in his post, but there is a mis-use of the term "EDM". It's a general umbrella term, not a sub-genre of music. A more appropriate terminology might be the difference between commercial and underground scenes.

Hip hop went through the same type of split in the late 1990s- there is a huge difference between and artist like Common and someone like Diddy (Or Puff Daddy), but both were considered hip hop. Just like how there is a difference between a DJ like Troxler and some one like Avicii.

Speaking of Avicii, Troxler definitely fired some shots. On Avicii, Troxler writes "Avicii is a cunt. When he went to the hospital during Ultra in Miami, my tour manager Alex was with the nurse assigned to him. The fucking cunt wouldn’t even speak to the nurse. She would have to tell his manager what to tell him, and they were sitting next to each other."

There were also some choice words for Steve Aoki "I've seen Steve Aoki play at these festivals. He keeps turning the music off, jumping around onstage, saying “This is my new single! Out next week!”, and playing the next song. You are not a fucking DJ. You’re an overpaid, untalented, cake-throwing cunt."

It wasn't all digs into mainstream EDM DJs- as Troxler had some kind words on the recent party in NYC celebrating Paradise Garage and Larry Levan. "You have a huge block party in a huge city, full of white, black and Asian people, young and old. Nobody looked wasted, and hardly anyone was on their damn phones. They were just dancing and singing together to beautiful music, for hours and hours. That is club culture."

He does have hope for the scene though, as he closes with  "Intellect is a true indication of taste. Some smart kids are standing in these EDM festivals, in the mud and heat and sick, and they’re thinking, “Yeah, this is fine for now, but this can’t be it forever”. There’s got to be something better – but they have to find it for themselves. That’s the next generation right there."

We highly recommend reading Troxler's entire piece on Thump.  He breaks down the differences between clubs and festivals very well, as well as provides some valuable insight to what electronic music and dance culture (AKA EDM) is in 2014.  Although his post is polarizing, he touches on a bunch of bullshit happening in our scene that  needs to be discussed.

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