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SFX Puts 'Racist' In Charge Of Security At Mysteryland

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SFX Puts 'Racist' In Charge Of Security At Mysteryland

Dear SFX,

People that state “No African-Americans please — only limited quantities that have brains and can actually do a day’s work" should not be in charge of security at any of your festivals,  especially when they say they want to train security dogs with “nigger-eating exercises.”

Thank you,

Magnetic Magazine

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Those words in quotations above were written in emails by Scott Dennison to his staff when he was head of security for the US Open. He was subsequently fired, but it looks like SFX and ID&T thought it would be a good look to put him in charge of  'risk and crowd services' at the inaugural Mysteryland U.S.A.

Here are the words from SFX spokesman Ritty Van Straalen:

We were aware of these allegations and investigated them thoroughly.  We also received some very strong and convincing recommendations from several people who know Scott well, both personally and professionally, and they ­assured us that the alleged statements do not reflect his true character.”

Dennison has referred to African Americans as "scum suckers" and "worthless", as well as repeatedly used the N-word in emails. He also belittled President Barack Obama and Reverend Al Sharpton when he wrote this mock testimonial from a Black employee:

Yu sez brothurz, Mr. Gon allows the black man to be superior we run the place cuz we needs the money and Obama and Rev Sharpton allowed us to mix with the White Crackers at this event. Come on down we can cheat, steal, eat food and sleep. Just like our new govt allows us to do, to get back at the white man for Slavery.”

The New York Post was sent a letter of support, forwarded by Van Straalen, from Dennison's 'black friend', Henry Thomas.

Cool, guess that makes every thing OK...

Source: New York Post

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