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Spotlight: Menegatti & Fatrix's "Identity" Out Monday, May 26th Via Musical Noize

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If you're looking for a big electro house banger this summer, Menegatti & Fatrix's "Identity" might give you the fix you need.

It has some big horns, an even bigger build, and plenty of electro chords to make the track pretty massive. The track is available on Beatport May 26th 2014.

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Musical Noize is an independent electronic music label from Italy established in 2013. Its primary mission is to promote talents from all around the world such as : “Luca Pink”, “Kris McLachlan”, “Massive Vibes” and many more. The label mainly focuses on progressive house, dutch house and electro house, but also releases tech house, dubstep and trance.

This year, they also launched the "Deep" division, which focuses more on house music.

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