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Top 10 House Music Selections Of The Week

Top 10 House Music Selections Of The Week

Open your mind this week as we have some intelligent dance-floor tunes for you this time including Dixon, Michael Mayer, & Bicep. There are also a couple of bangers from Pirupa & Sharam but the spotlight on this chart rests with newcomer Watermat who has unleashed what some people are calling the tune of the summer.

1. “Bullit” Watermat, Spinnin’ Deep

The already massive “Bullit” has been made Pete Tong’s essential new tune and it’s destined to be the song of the summer!

2. “Raw Orange” Tanzlife, Let’s Play House

This vinyl-only hypnotic jam from Polish producer Tanzlife features elements of acid, soul, psychadelia, & garage all thrown together into a house music smorgasbord. “Raw Orange” is out now on Let’s Play House out of NYC off of the Biscuit Symphony EP.

3. “Before The Sunrise (Dixon Remix)” Joy Wellboy, BPitch Control

Dixon magically transform’s Joy Wellboy’s “Before The Sunrise” into a deep and progressive masterpiece that would be perfectly suited for that closing track at an epic sunrise set.

4. “Da Muzik” Pirupa, Snatch! Records

Some Italian brilliance here courtesy of Pirupa off of Italian based label Snatch! Records! Check this low end, bass-bumping, dance-floor bomb which is out now exclusively on Beatport.

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5. “Tripi” Sharam, Play It Say It
Sharam is back and this banger of his features as the premiere release off of Seth Troxler’s own Play It Say It. Not to mention, it was huge in Miami and it was featured on Deep Dish’s essential mix a few months back.

6. “NRG106” Bicep, Aus Music

Irish duo Bicep are quickly making a name for themselves thanks to their very cutting edge production which has been heard on various respected labels throughout the electronic music world. Here they are with the Circles EP on Will Saul’s imprint Aus Music. We picked the second track on the EP “NRG106” because it’s the one that sits more on the house music side of the spectrum.

7. “Another Day (Jason Mitchell Remix)” t0rne, Deep House Aficionado

Australian label “Deep House Aficionado” bring us Brisbane based producer t0rne. First on the menu is the original which is on the deeper and mellower side of things. On the flip, Jason Mitchell provides an upbeat and exciting remix that would fit quite nicely in a Disclosure DJ set.

8. “Attrition” Celsius, MadTech Records

Celsius makes his well-deserved return to Kerri Chandler’s MadTech Records after his premiere release last year. This is out now exclusively on Beatport!

9. “Creature Funk (Komon & Appleblim Remix)” Dubspeeka, DEXT Recordings

The Leaving Home EP has been out on vinyl since April but it has just now been given an exclusive digital release on Beatport. All five cuts on this EP stand quite nicely on their own but it is Komon & Appleblim’s remix that shine right through for us thanks to its quirky beats and sounds that ease nicely into a melodic breakdown right down the middle.

10. “Behind My Life (Michael Mayer Mix)" Kaito, Kompakt

Kaito put out the original about a year ago on the same label and it was a gorgeous tune in its own right. Here we are now about a year later and Kompakt has decided to unearth a couple of unreleased remixes. One being Michael Mayer’s and he has graced with yet another brilliantly produced complex dance-floor tune.

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