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Top 10 Trap/Bass Songs Of The Week – DJ Rashad Tribute

Top 10 Trap/Bass Songs Of The Week – DJ Rashad Tribute

What's up everybody? I'm sure by now many of you have heard the unfortunate news about DJ Rashad passing away leaving a significant legacy in the footwork community. In his honor, I'm going to dedicate a few tracks of this chart to DJ Rashad's music and legacy.

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1. "Let U No (feat. Spinn)", DJ Rashad
This is one of my favorites off 'Double Cup', and it shows that footwork can be soulful even at the breakneck speed of 160 BPM.

2. "White Noise (Jordan Corey Cover)", Disclosure
This first song is a fresh take on Disclosure's "White Noise" by vocalist Jordan Corey. Really feeling this one.

3. "004 W/ Noah Breakfast" HWLS
Ta-Ku and Kit-Pop are back at it again with new heat from their side project HWLS. I really like the way this tune gradually builds and swells.

4. "Drank, Kush, Barz (feat Spinn)", DJ Rashad
Perfect party tune from DJ Rashad. Although there are drug references in this song, I just want to reiterate that DJ Rashad did NOT die from a drug overdose. He passed due to a blood clot in his leg.

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5. "Jealous (DJ Hoodboi Remix)" Chromeo
DJ Hoodboi is at it again with a funky fresh, jersey club infused remix of Chromeo's "Jealous".

6. "Pass That Shit" DJ Rashad
Another great tune from DJ Rashad. This track demonstrates Rashad's work as a pioneer in the genre of footwork.

7. "Big Bang" DZA
Up and coming Russian future bass producer DZA just released his 'Big Bang' EP, and it's pure fire. The title track features trancey synths combined with fast-paced hip-hop drums and heavy leads. Everyone needs to keep their eyes on this guy.

8. " Ain't No Sunshine (Lido Remix)" Bill Withers
Huge future bass remix of Bill Wither's classic tune courtesy of Lucky Me's Lido.

9. "Friday Night (Prod. By Kaytranada)" Reva DeVito
Kaytranada always impresses me with his ability to produce funky house tracks like this in addition to hip-hop beats and experimental tracks. With Reva DeVito singing, this is a collaboration between two of HW&W's finest.

10. "Show U How (feat. Spinn)" DJ Rashad
Last but not least, here's one final track from DJ Rashad, who again demonstrates the flexibility of footwork. This track is something of an anomaly on 'Double Cup' with its uplifting vocal sample and melody, but it shows that DJ Rashad wasn't afraid to think outside the typical footwork sound.

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