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Turnt Up To Death: SNL Spoofs EDM And It's Actually Funny!

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SNL Spoofs EDM: remember when Saturday Night Live was funny? Well last night's season finale was a flashback to that era. Andy Samberg was the guest host and with him came a couple of familiar faces on the SNL Digital Short "When Will the Bass Drop?".

The sketch features Samberg as the DJ, "DAVVINCCII", in a Guetta-esque wig and leather jacket . The set is a nightclub- complete with a LED light show, dance floor, DJ booth, and Lil Jon. It touches on all the standard EDM clichés- DJs not really doing anything for a fat payday, a Molly overdose (almost), and of course the infamous drop, bro. All in all, it's so over the top it turns out funny...

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Of course those that are basely ignorant of EDM culture are all turnt up with their snarky comments.   Austin Powell of the Daily Dot says "EDM shows are all smoke, mirrors, and Molly. It’s all about when the bass drops and how many LED lights your favorite DJ can fit onto a platform rig" in the intro paragraph for his piece on the spoof.

And Andrew Kirell of the blog Mediate boards the struggle bus when he writes:

For tonight’s short, the writers opted to take on a topic in desperate need of mockery: electronic dance music — namely, the godawful obsession with artists like Skrillex and Tiesto, whose music generally consists of dying giraffe noises paired with the promise of a “bass drop,” in which everyone rolling on molly proceeds to lose their shit."

Here's a tip to writers like Kirell and Powell... You basic motherfuckers need to stick to writing on topics you know about, like pseudo politics and corporate shit rock bands à la Coldplay.

TURNT UP FOR DEATH: SNL Spoofs EDM And It's Actually Funny!

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