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Watch The deadmau5 "Coffee Run" Pay Up Compilation

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More deadmau5 "Coffee Run" news today, as someone has put together compilation that deadmau5 actually approves of. Earlier this week, the mau5 found out his "Suckfest9001" was on a Now That's What I Call EDM comp... He was not happy.

He's getting to the bottom of how his music ended up on that.  Meanwhile, his "Coffee Run" was making some news, as it turns Zeds Dead have a show called "Coffee Break", named after their song of the same name.   He called them out on, you guess it, Twitter.  You can read about that here.

But anyway, in a totally unrelated thread, he tweeted :

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The "Coffee Run" Pay Up has become the tradition, as deadmau5 never seems to have any money when it comes time to pay.  When you're the mau5, it's ask and you shall receive as a few hours later he tweeted out this link:

deadmau5' "Coffee Runs" have featured such EDM artists as Kaskade, Zedd, and Laidback Luke. He's also gone on them with Tommy Lee, Vanilla Ice, and comedian Tom Green. The concept is pretty simple, they hop in deadmau5' Ferrari and go get some coffee. On the way, they discuss everything from the current state of EDM to his cats.... yeah it can get pretty deep!

They take place mostly in his hometown of Toronto, but have also taken place in Miami for Winter Music Conference and as far away as India while he was on tour.

He's said to have a new album coming out this year.

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