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A Few Words With Big Room Pop Producer Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal 2013 Live 1 credit tyler hill

Felix Cartal is a musician not to be defined by genre, but one who will be defined by the fact that he makes good music. Describing his sound currently as big room pop, his sole ambition is to write songs that will stand the test of time so when he comes back ten years later, and strips them down to nothing, he will still believe that the song was written well.

“I grew up playing in bands and when I first started DJing I was making really aggressive stuff out of ignorance, not really knowing what I was doing. At this point now, I’m more comfortable with producing and finally went back to songwriting the way I was in my band; write proper records with interesting collaborations and not limiting myself in any direction.”

With his latest EP, Credits, Felix certainly flexes his collaborative skills. Chloe Angelides and Lily Elise put forth notable vocal performances that are ready to conquer the clubs and even the pop music airwaves. In fact, you can catch Ready for Love on a radio station near you in North America.

My impression of Felix Cartal is that he is a talented producer who has fully activated all parts of his brain, and he’s not one to shy away from a challenge. He is the type of guy who seems to be very comfortable evolving technically and critically evaluating his own productions. For instance on his last two EPs, in a big format change he actually wrote in the studio with the singers, opposed to merely sending out instrumentals. I for one believe you can hear the positive impact this has had on his latest releases.

“With someone like Chloe, who did Ready for Love, or Ofelia, who was on New Scene, I try to listen to the stuff they’ve been working on and write something that makes sense for their vocals. I want to give them room to breathe and do what is comfortable to them, not push them into a sound they don’t want to do.” I feel this perspective, or philosophy on vocal production, is what gives a unique quality to Felix’s latest EP, as it does not sound like every other song out there, there’s a very personal touch. More evidence to the case that he’s an artist who really considers the entire song, and hat’s why his collaborations are something special. He respects the vocalist, and doesn’t treat their contribution as merely a means to an end.

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The man doesn’t exist in a vacuum, he’s got a good sense of what is going on in the greater music world, especially and not surprisingly when it comes to dance music. “The festivals are only getting bigger and dance music is continuing to dominate festivals where it may not have before. It feels a bit like the new rock and roll to me...” Can’t really argue with the man there, I mean, after all, dance music did just beat out plenty of rock n’ roll competitors to take album of the year at the Grammy's…

With more releases and several notable yet to be named high profile collaborations, 2014 is shaping up to be a good year for Felix Cartal. If you’re headed to Tomorrowland, be sure to check out his extra rare B2B set with Autoerotique. If you happen to be in his native Vancouver, definitely make your way over to see him work his magic at the Squamish Festival in August.

Who Has He Been Listening To

Kill the Noise
Calvin Harris

Check out Felix’s full EP on soundcloud:

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