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The 7 Types of People You Might Encounter at EDC Las Vegas

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Tomorrow, the annual pilgrimage to the Las Vegas Speedway for EDC 2022 will begin!  

The gates will open.  

The crowds will gather in throngs....  

The lights will turn on....  

And Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 will officially begin!!!  

With over 350,000 people expected through the gates of the Las Vegas Speedway, you’re bound to encounter some colorful characters at the Holy Mecca of Massives.  

Here’s our guide to 7 types of people you might encounter at EDC this weekend!

1.  Naked White Women

No clothes

“Like – oh my god Becky!  It’s totally supposed to be like 102 on Friday.  I’m like – only going to wear pasties.”  These girls will typically have coordinated outfits for each of the three days – themed anywhere from daisies to electrical tape.

Bro tip: Find these girls when temperatures drop!

2.  Girls wearing boots with the furrr

Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 At The Coliseum

Rave culture runs strong at EDC – and these boots have stood the test of time!  Typically ranging in any neon color from the rainbow – good luck finding any animal this color in nature.  

These boots are typically paired with a tutu, suspenders and lens-less wayfarers.

3.  People who haven’t slept for three (or more) days

No Sleep

You will find this particular group start to emerge Day 2 at dusk.  Their lack of sleep and extreme sensory overload has warped their train of thought to one undistinguishable to most human minds.  

Don’t bother engaging these individuals in conversation.  Instead, observe them (with caution) in their natural habitat.

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4.  The Bro Patrol

Bro Patrol

Bros go to EDC for three reasons ass, ass and more ass, bro.  

They move in packs.  They speak in a language unrecognizable to non-bros. Did you know the word "bro" has over 50 different meanings in the bro vernacular? "Bro...", "Bro!", and "Bro?" are just a few examples. 

And you will find them in their bro-uniform: large print tanks, trucker hat and looking like a neon elf got car-sick on them on the way to the Speedway.

5.  First timers

First Timer

Be very nice to the first timers!  Their excitement is likely to cloud their judgment.  Likely to only utter three phrases over the course of three days: “OHHHH MYYY GOD!,” “WHOAAAA!,” and “THIS IS AMAZING!”  

This is a special weekend for first timers…

6.  Undercover Cops


Avoid at all costs.  No one wants a cock block at EDC…  They likely will never look at the stage.  Instead, their eyes will be scanning the bright and colorful audience of EDC. If they ask "Hey dude, are you holding?"- run... fast.

Note: Not to be confused with old ravers!

old raver

7.  The Holy Leader Pasquale


To many EDC attendees, Pasquale Rotella is a name synonymous with supreme deity.  Pasquale is the leader of the annual Holy Pilgrimage to the Las Vegas Speedway known as the Electric Daisy Carnival.  Since 1997, this legend has been bringing color, lights and music into the lives of people across the globe.


All in all – from Magnetic, have a beautiful and magical weekend.  Make memories.  

Record your memories.  

Have fun.  

Be safe!

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