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Cosmic Gate Releases "Start To Feel" on Armada Records [Album Review]

Album Review: Cosmic Gate "Start To Feel" Out Now On Armada

They've been winning your heart for the last fifteen years with tracks such as Exploration of Space and Fire Wire, and with their newest artist album Start To Feel, German Trance duo Cosmic Gate will have you falling back in love all over again. Following their hugely successful LP Wake Your Mind [2011], Cosmic Gate is back to deliver another round of perfectly formulated music, composed of unsurpassed vocals and high energy notes - creating a beautiful and uplifting 85 minute euphoria.

"What we would like to get across through 'Start To Feel' is that electronic music doesn't need to always start and stop at the drop. It doesn't have to be all about that 60 seconds. We love that type of music. If we didn't we wouldn't have made tracks like 'So Get Up' and a dozen others. But those are start points to Cosmic Gate's music. Not end ones." - Nic Chagall

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Start To Feel encompasses the full spectrum of Trance music, from more modern elements such as heavy drops and lush vocals to classic elements including rolling basslines and rich uplifting chords. There are virtually no boundaries to the composition of the album, with each track presenting a different side to the duo's unparalleled talents. Vivid pictures fueled by emotion and raw energy are presented through an eighteen track dreamland -- First they 'Woke Your Mind' and now... You'll Start To Feel.

"Our overall aim is the long game. In the studio we want to create tracks with real life expectancy. We want to make 'years-from-now' music, where every time you come back to a track, you hear something new, something different, something more than you caught the last time. There are so many more moments and elements with which you can start to feel a track. We want to encourage people to experience electronic music in a deeper, wider, more complete way". - Bossi

Magnetic's Top 4 Tracks: Start To Feel

Happyness - Is there a better way to start out an album? We think not. Happyness sets the mood for the entire album - slowly and gently capturing the essence of the story, a precursor to the adventure awaiting. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like falling down a rabbit hole? Well this song is the feeling of falling into a wonderland. It's beautiful, new and mysterious. Happyness is everything you desire in a track -- it fills you.


Start To Feel - A track written, composed and produced with unique ambient sounds and heartfelt vocals provided by Cary Brothers is truly one of the most noteworthy songs off of the album. It begins with identifiable Cosmic Gate components and trickles into a slow rhythmic chorus, captivating the listener and heightening the senses. Infused with deep piano melodies and orchestral samples, Start To Feel will keep you wanting more.

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Yai - When house music has no boundaries, and there are no rules to what "defines" a genre - you end up with something like Yai. It's progressive. It's euphoric. It's uplifting. It's dark. Instrumental and filled with atmosphere, Yai is the calm before the storm & the storm at the same time. The track forces you to seek further and deeper into your senses, conceptualizing each element individually and as a whole. Then, boom. 4 minutes and 19 seconds later, you've discovered the meaning of Yai.


Falling Back - With early support from industry leaders, Falling Back has become an anthem-worthy track in just a short period of time. The opening piano measures, paired with the raw vocal talents of Eric Lumiere instantly draw you into a tug-of-war of a love story we can all relate to. Emotional, raw, magical and memorable. Falling Back is a compelling track, encouraging listeners to reach into their own hearts, cherishing the feeling of falling in love, out of love, and back in it again. It's often one of the only roads we share as a community, put into music. Paired with a magnificently seductive video, this our #1 album pick. Check out the video HERE.


Start To Feel is out June 27th, available on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify.

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