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Andrew Rayel Tells Us "Trance Will Never Die" - Interview


And the stars won't ever give up on us
And I won't let anyone say we can't
And I'll show you how to be brave
Get everything that you want
We Will Never Fade...

Previous to the release of his debut album Find Your Harmony, Trance producer & DJ Andrew Rayel has spent the last few years positioning himself securely in EDM Culture. With early career support from industry leader Armin van Buuren and the Armada label family, there was no questioning whether Rayel was going to be great or not, but how quickly his greatness would send him to the top. Upon his live performance of a remixed version of Zedd's "Clarity" on the A State of Trance 600 Expedition world tour in 2013, Andrew Rayel officially grabbed our attention. Over the next year, he would release some of the most beautiful, complex Trance singles to grace the charts. From Sacramentum to We Are Not Afraid of 138; Until the End to Dark Warrior, and EIFORYA to Power of Elements - there hasn't been a single lapse of energy... Rayel is clearly here to stay.

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Find Your Harmony, released on May 30, 2014 is a journey through the present life of the Moldovan trance producer; emotions, struggles and triumphs captured brilliantly through melodic riffs and harmonious rolling basslines. Over the course of 18 tracks, the listener enters a world of uplifting musical form ranging from ultra steady tempos of 128-140 BPM. Our personal album favorite is none other than the powerful vocal piece, Hold On To Your Love, a collaboration with sensational vocalist Cindy Alma. Alma's raw capacity to convey emotion alongside Rayel's strategically placed breaks and riffs create a dynamic track, transcending you into the story being told through the power of music.

Other notable tracks from the album include "Miracles" featuring Christian Burns, "Fading Echoes," "Followed By Light," and "One In A Million" featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn. Overall, Rayel's debut album was very well thought out, produced with intelligence and passion; it is a high energy album with strong classic trance fundamentals, balanced with exciting and unique elements which stay true to Andrew's developing style.

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Hello Andrew! Thank you for taking some time out of your schedule to talk with me, you have an outstanding fan base here in the States and we feel very fortunate to have this opportunity!

Hi! Thank You for having me! Glad to hear so!! Playing to my fans in the states is always special, that’s for sure, so much energy from the fans!

First off, Congratulations on your debut album! I can't imagine what you must be feeling in terms of accomplishment. How long did the entire album take to produce and finalize?

Thank You so much! I can’t believe that such a dream came to reality! Find Your Harmony took more than 2 years of work.

When did you conceive the idea to put out a full length album? At what point did you decide that this was the next step in your career?

The album concept was something already in my mind since the start of my career, but to release an album, it has to be the perfect timing, and I believe it was released in a perfect time in my career!

Were there any underlying personal inspirations that went into producing "Find Your Harmony?" How much of your personal-self did you have to commit to the music in order to give it life?

Of course! The entire album is all about the journey of life in which every track has a story and feeling behind it, and my main inspirations to the album are from life experiences as well as touring experiences and the love I get from my fans.

Did you have any help creating the overall vision for the album? Whether it be for producing the music, creating the track list, remixing tracks, etc?

The album was 100% all the way to the end by myself. At the end it’s my first album, my baby, and it has to get my special treatment.

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You are fairly fresh to the commercial Trance scene, yet even as a rookie you took the industry by storm and nearly overnight had an impressive following. What was your call to fame? What catapulted you from DJing as a hobby to DJing as a profession?

Well, music is something that I grew up on, I took classical musical classes when I was a kid which has helped me a lot for my background as an artist, and I used to listen to the radio to names such as Armin Van Buuren, ATB, and more which also inspired me more to produce trance music, and well as they say the rest was history. And I’m so humbled how the entire process has worked out.

What has the most memorable moment of your career been so far?

Wow! Tough one. I can’t pick one but I can mention a few. Releasing my own album is something very memorable for sure, the fact I got voted into DJ MAG is something also big for me to be able to achieve such a thing, having the support and to be able to produce a track with the person who is my biggest inspiration in this scene, and that would be the man himself Armin Van Buuren, oh and last but not least, being on the shoulders of Armin during our track EIFORYA is something I can never forget.

The evolution of music is astounding when you look at the big picture. We have so many genres, sub-genres and varieties of sounds across the music industry as a whole- where do you think the evolution of music will fall next?

Good question, and honestly I can’t answer that with a true answer, as music is always evolving, but I can say it’s good to see dance music from all sorts of genres are getting exposed more and more, and I hope it will keep on growing and continue for the best.

Any thoughts of crossing over into another genre and dabbling with sounds? Not to say you would abandon Trance, but to experiment with different sounds, diverse genres?

Trance will always be the genre close to my heart and I can never change that as I owe it to myself and to my fans. However, as an artist you have to experiment from time to time and think outside the box, simply because it allows you to grow as an artist and as a person.

Talk to me about your goals. Post-album release, what are your plans for the
remainder of 2014? Any abstract goals to talk about? Exclusives?

Well, basically full focus album promotion, as well as album world tour, festivals, as well as my radio show Find Your Harmony which has been growing and hoping it will grow more and more! You can always stay tuned to my website, facebook, twitter and all my social media for the updates.

What about a long term goal? Looking back 5 or 10 years from now, what would you hope to accomplish and where do you want to see yourself?

Of course I would love to be able to establish a bigger career, bigger shows with my own concept of the show, own stage productions, visuals, u know to give the crowd the memorable Andrew Rayel experience.

What are you most excited for this summer? Any festivals you are playing that stick out to you?

Yes! Playing at most major festivals such as EDC Vegas, Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld, Creamfields, Ibiza gigs and much more! Will be a really exciting summer.

A lot of talk has come out of the woodworks from the fans about the changing sound of Trance music. Some say that big-room house has dominated Trance, and others say that Trance is dying. The die-hard fans believe that anything can happen, and Trance will always have a place in EDM. What are your thoughts on the evolution of Trance? Do you like where the music is going?

That has been an on going issue and will be an ongoing issue, yes house music is more out there because of the radio commercial plays but hey that’s the genre, as for Trance, Trance will never die, it will always be big with the trance family, no genre will ever die to be honest, each will have it owns position, and simply grow and grow.

Final question -- You have a one night "anything goes" show. What venue would you want to play at, which 3 artists would you put on your lineup, and what would the theme be?

The three artists would be Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Marlo. There would be a solo set from each artist, and end it with a B2B set by all of us. The Theme? Enter at your own risk! As you might not get out after what your about to experience.

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